5 Great Benefits of a Dracaena for Your Home

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I love having plants in my space. My friends even describe my living room as an actual living room because of the creeping plants in the space.

And my office? Well, that’s like complete immersion in nature – I work better surrounded by living things than wall art.

So, when I brought my Dracaena Marginata home about two years ago, a friend asked why I needed one more plant in my house. Wasn’t what I had in the space enough?

The question took me aback because how could she not know what this plant had to offer? From purifying the air down to beautifying my space, there was a lot in store for me.

I remember going through every tiny detail about the plant, hoping that she would understand why this plant was such an asset to my space.

The Dracaena has some amazing benefits which are a positive aesthetic affect, providing better air quality, increases humidity, improves focus and is easy to maintain.

Below we go into more detail about these amazing benefits in which you can expect from a dracaena:

What Are the Benefits of a Dracaena?

I own a Dracaena Marginata (dragon tree). However, the benefits accrued from this tree will pretty much be what you would get from any other species in this genus (the dracaena is a genus).

For example, the Fragrans, Deremensis, and Sanderiana species will have a similar impact. So, what can you expect from the species under this genus?

1) Positive Aesthetic Effects

One of the main reasons people introduce dracaenas (or any other houseplants) to their spaces is for the aesthetic value.

People enjoy looking at and being around beautiful things, and dracaenas are a good place to start in this regard.

With their long leaves and woody stems, they are truly breath-taking and can help you add some character to your space.

They make the space look and feel less bland and can turn what was once a dull space into a conversation starter.

Moreover, dracaenas come in a myriad of options, and you can choose one whose aesthetic works for you.

For example, you can go with a variegated dracaena to add a dramatic effect to a space. Or you can opt for a young plant that can act as an accessory for your dining table. The options are endless!

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2) Better Air Quality

A dragon treeWhen people had to stay home for about two years during the COVID pandemic, they realized just how polluted indoor spaces could be.

There are many pollutants in the environment – smog, fumes, dust, pollen, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, etc. They come from your clothes, furnishings, the outdoors, pets, and building materials.

And when you spend a lot of time indoors and inhaling such substances, adverse effects are sure to follow. These include respiratory issues, anemia, cancer, DNA mutation, headaches, and gastrointestinal effects.

Often, people use air filters in their homes to deal with these pollutants. While these additions work great, there is another easy way to deal with the contaminants in your home – planting more houseplants.

As proved by a NASA clean air study, the dracaena genus is one such category of effective plants.

Based on the results, the dracaena can clean most of the air in your home by absorbing the pollutants. That leaves you with fresher air and less exposed to airborne pollutants.

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3) Increased Humidity

We often think about how to increase humidity for our houseplants to do better indoors. But here is the thing – humans also need to be in rooms with high humidity levels.

It makes it easier to breathe and makes you feel more comfortable in the space. Take an example of someone who suffers from respiratory issues.

You find that doctors prescribe measures such as steaming, using humidifiers, etc. And these work in opening the respiratory tracts to a great extent.

But what if you could use a natural way to supplement these measures? Plants release a lot of moisture into the air.

Once they use the water to make food, they release carbon dioxide and moisture into the air. And studies show that >90% of the water that plants absorb ends up in the air!

That’s a lot of moisture. Now, assume it was to end up in your indoors. Wouldn’t that be helpful to you?

Moreover, high humidity levels are also good for the skin and help relieve dry and itchy skin.

Let’s not even get started on how moisture is good for the hair and can help you avoid having bad hair days on most days.

I recommend adding the dracaena to any room in your house that feels dry. Then sit back and experience the positive changes in your space.

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4) Improved Focus

Years ago, I started adding plants to my office and getting rid of the wall art. One plant after the other, I could feel a shift in how I felt about working.

Rather than dragging myself into the space, worn out, and dreading yet another day in the office, I felt excited. It turns out that there was a good reason behind this.

Plants are known to improve concentration and focus in the people around them. And this comes down to their calming nature.

Look at it this way. How do you feel after taking a walk in nature? The answer is likely rejuvenated.

Being around nature centers us, and when we feel calm, we are more likely to concentrate on what’s in front of us. We are less anxious and can do much more within a short time.

Moreover, being around plants boosts your mental wellness. And that works for any houseplant – not just the dracaena.

For more of these benefits, choose plants with deep green hues, as green seems to be the magical factor in all this. And if you’re decorating, consider adding more green elements to the space for a complementary effect.

Let’s also add that plants boost oxygen levels – but this only happens at night, so this is more of a perk to night owls like me.

5) Easy Maintenance

A dragon treeThe last of the great benefits of a dracaena is that it is easy to maintain. Dracaenas thrive in tropical climates, and this can have you thinking that they would not do too well in other climates.

But the thing is that these plants can adapt to different environments with ease.

All you need is to ensure that you do not overwater them or leave them in direct sunlight, and they will be good. To help you get started on this journey, please adhere to these conditions:

  • Soil: These plants don’t like waterlogged soil. Ensure you provide them with well-draining and nutrient-rich soil.
  • Watering: Dracaenas do best when watered only when the top inch of soil is dry. Allow the soil to dry before watering the plant again, ensuring it does not go long periods without water.
  • Light: You should leave the dracaena in bright or medium indirect light. Only a few species can withstand direct sunlight.
  • Temperature: The dracaena does best in temperature ranges of at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some species can still do well in ranges equal to or above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

And when it comes to fertilization, take it slow. Feed the plant once every two weeks during the summer and cut back in the colder months.

Final Thoughts

Did my friend introduce a Dracaena to her space? She’s still thinking about it, seeing as she struggles with keeping her cactus alive.

And as much as a dracaena is low-maintenance, you still need to be on top of its care routine, lest the plant dies. Happy Gardening!

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