8 Great Benefits of Having a Pothos in Your Home

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After starting as a member of the Pothos genus and going through multiple name changes over time, the botanical name for Pothos is currently known as Epipremnum aureum?

The islands of French Polynesia are the original home of these plants, even though they have now naturalized in tropical forests worldwide.

They can scale the trunks of trees in the wild, which is one of their preferred habitats. In this environment, the plants develop gigantic leaves that almost wholly obscure their identities compared to their indoor counterparts.

Since it can survive with little light and be neglected, Pothos is considered one of the easier plants to nurture.

The pothos has the benefits of purifying the air by eliminating formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide, all of which contribute to unpleasant odors.

Also the great benefits the pothos has is that it is easy to maintain, can grow without soil, has great mental health advantages and is a great climber.

Pothos has been shown to minimize ocular irritation, which can be induced by staring at screens for an extended period.

What are the Benefits of a Pothos?

1) Easy to Maintain and Plant

A pothos on a potOn any list of beginner-friendly houseplants, Pothos will be found towards the top. These plants can tolerate a tremendous deal of neglect and thrive in any indoor environment.

They continue to appear brand-new even when subjected to hardship. Place a Pothos in practically any location with sufficient light, and it will thrive.

It does not require high humidity levels to keep its sheen and is unfazed by a few missed waterings.

In addition to enough sunshine, water, soil, trimming, and occasional fertilization, these plants require no additional care to flourish.

Place them in practically any area of your home, and their gorgeous vines will spread. Every year or two, you must consider repotting your Pothos into a larger container.

2) Can Grow Without Soil

As they are so simple to propagate in water, Pothos also possesses the ability to grow in water alone for an extended period.

Although this is not as simple as placing the stem in a glass of water and forgetting about it, it is feasible to let your Pothos stems grow in water for longer than the few weeks required to develop roots.

The only maintenance these water-grown Pothos plants will require is the addition of a few drops of liquid fertilizer every two weeks.

A daily water top-off or a complete water change every few days will assist in maintaining the healthiest roots possible.

As long as the water contains sufficient nutrients, these plants can survive in an uncontaminated jar for several months or even years.

Ensure that you use a clear glass to observe the growth of the roots, transforming your propagation efforts into a decorative item.

3) Can Grow in Zero Sunlight

A pothos will survive whether placed in full sunlight, on a windowsill, or even in settings where there is hardly any light.

The plant will experience healthy growth in any location with sufficient light, even though there may be some minute differences in the leaf’s hue and density as a function of the environment.

4) Looks Amazing

It should be evident to everyone! A Pothos, a trailing plant, can be coaxed to grow on almost any surface imaginable.

This houseplant can be grown as either a trailing or a climbing houseplant; the way you pick will depend on the available space and your preferences.

In addition, in contrast to other types of houseplants, it does not suffer from a lack of sunlight.

The leaves have a waxy surface and heart-like shapes; they vary in color from brilliant yellow to green and have a variegated pattern.

In addition, we added it to our list of houseplants with leaves shaped like hearts.

5) Air Purifier

Many houseplants help clean the air in your home, one of which is the Pothos.

This technique can accomplish its goals with an impressive degree of efficacy by extracting formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide from the surrounding air.

Pothos is an excellent choice for areas such as entryways, windows, and garages where there is a potential for the accumulation of fumes from car exhaust.

6) Climbing Ability

It is a typical practice to allow the stems of Pothos to drape over shelves or baskets within the home, creating attractive hanging plants.

Conversely, comparatively few individuals use them in the reverse direction. Pothos are exceptional climbers and are generally found in their natural habitats near the trunks of trees.

This ability affords them a variety of functions and advantages in your home. Stems of Pothos can be trained around shelves or moss poles to produce a more stunning foliage display than a single pot would allow.

If they are first trained up a trellis and then given suitable lighting conditions, they can be used as a privacy screen to divide rooms in open floor layouts.

7) Mental Health Advantages

It is now generally accepted that plants increase our happiness. Scientists have validated the mental health advantages of plants and nature, providing the foundation for therapeutic horticulture.

Interacting with nature has a favorable effect on our moods and outlook, ultimately making us happy.

These benefits apply to the Pothos as well. One study examined the advantages of engaging with Pothos plants in particular.

Even though the participants could not see the plants while touching them, they discovered that simply stroking the leaves created a naturally relaxing effect.

8) Productivity and Retention

A golden pothosPlacing a Pothos plant on your desk may be the solution if you’re having trouble getting work done at home or the workplace.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that greenery in and around offices considerably increases employee productivity and enhances their attitude toward their work.

But there’s more. Plants can also aid with memory enhancement. Even if you only spend an hour a day conversing with your pet pothos and other members of nature, you may improve your capacity to recall previous occurrences.

Put a few Pothos plants on your desk or throughout your office to generate a happy, productive atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

Pothos is the most common plant and can purchase without much care given to the matter. The pothos requires very little maintenance and provides you with more benefits than you can imagine.

These are ideal for use as decoration in whatever space you choose. Green plants complement every place. You don’t need to worry about giving them your time because they require less of it and can live for anywhere between five and ten years.

There are numerous reasons to adore the Pothos, not the least of which is their ease of care and beauty.

But thanks to these beautiful plants’ advantages for our physical and emotional health, scientists have given us another reason to like them. Start with one and grow more to have these gorgeous plants all over your house.

A Pothos will remain content in practically any location with enough light. It doesn’t require high humidity levels to keep its sheen, and it doesn’t mind if a few waterings go unapplied.

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