What is the Best Light Weight Leaf Blower?

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A leaf blower is a gardening tool that is used to clean out debris and plant cuttings.

It is simply known as a blower. It propels air out of a nozzle that is attached to a part containing its motor. Leaf blowers may be powered by gasoline or an electric motor.

Gasoline blowers usually use a 2-stroke engine but 4-stroke engines have recently been introduced to address air pollution concerns. Leaf blowers are handheld units with handheld wands or they may be backpack mounted units.

The backpack-mounted blowers are suitable for prolonged use. These are usually handheld units with a propulsion motor. But there are larger units that may rest on wheels.

To operate them they need to be pushed by hand. Therefore, they are also called walk-behind blowers.

Some blowers are also designed to suck in leaves and small twigs. These twigs are then shredded into a bag. These are called blower vacs.

What is the Best Light Weight Leaf Blower?

Here are some of the best available light weight leaf blower that are highly recommended:

1) BLACK+DECKER Electric Leaf Blower 7-Amp (LB700)

This light weight leaf blower has a 7A battery best for performing efficiently. It is a lightweight tool that weighs only about 4.4lb. The blowing wind it produces has a speed of 180mph.

It is best for cleaning out leaves and dirt debris. It has built-in cord retention.

This cord retention prevents frustrating interruptions during work. It is ideal for clearing driveways, sidewalks, and decks.

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2) Worx WG520 12 Amp TURBINE 600 Electric Leaf Blower

It has a jet engine type of motor inside a leaf blower. It is super powerful yet not so loud. The worx WG520 electric leaf blower is twice as fast as the other pro-leaf blowers.

It has two speeds for performing different jobs. A slow speed for clearing pavements and sidewalks and a rather high speed for clearing lawns.

It has an attachable nozzle for directing all the volume on a concentrated area which is required for tougher jobs.

It has an extension cord retainer which usually prevents any interruptions during work.

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3) BLACK+DECKER Leaf Blower Axial, 9-Amp (BEBL750)

It is a corded electric axial leaf blower. It is a high-power electric leaf blower. The black + Decker leaf blower has a 9A battery which is perfect for lawn, sidewalks, and driveways.

It has a two-speed control. Light cleanup for dirt and leaves whereas higher speed for tough debris is suitable.

It has multiple surfaces for different functions such as clearing dirt debris, grass clippings, and more from hard to grass surfaces.

It has a built-in scraper as well. This scraper allows the tool to get rid of stuck leaves and debris. It gives up no gas fumes or emissions when running.

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What is the Best Light Weight Cordless Leaf Blower?

There are several cordless leaf blowers in the marker for tidying up your lawns. A few of them are listed below:

1) Sun Joe 24V-TB-CT Cordless Compact Turbine Jet Blower

This is a cordless jet blower. It is a battery-powered device that is light and perfectly portable. It has a 24V turbine fan which propels the windspeed up to 100mph and leaves your yard spotless.

The sun joe cordless compact turbine jet blower has a 300W motor which quickly clears away grass clippings and leaves. It is versatile so it quickly clears away soft snow.

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2) DEWALT 20V MAX XR Leaf Blower

It is a cordless, battery-operated leaf blower. It blows air at a speed of 125mph which also comes with a concentrator. This blower is designed to have a low noise during operation.

It is ideal for noise-sensitive regions and properties. It has a brushless motor. This highly efficient motor extends run time and motor life.

It is pretty lightweight so easy to carry around. The Dewalt 20V max XR leaf blower has a speed lock option for precise power control. It has an 87min run time on the lowest speed per battery.

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3) K I M O. Cordless Leaf Blower

It is also a cordless battery-operated leaf blower. It is super lightweight easy to carry for anyone around the house.

The K I M O cordless leaf blower is versatile and can perform various functions such as light house cleaning, car cleaning, and blowing the snow on the windshield.

It has a 4A battery with 30 min of output when performed at the lowest speed. The K I M O cordless leaf blower is a 2 in 1 blower with a vacuum and a blower.

It is a small unit with huge wind power with a variable speed of 20000rpm. Powerful suction allows you to perform function effortlessly.

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How Do I Choose a Leaf Blower?

For their sound-sensitive neighbors, some people buy small blowers which fail to function efficiently. However, one must keep in mind the following features when looking for a leaf blower.

Handheld Tool

It must be portable for use. A light weight leaf blower comes in handy as they can easily be used by most of the members of the house. Most of them weigh around 4 to 5lbs which are pretty easy to lift.

Electric Blowers

Electric blowers are preferred over gasoline blowers. They are best for small to medium yards. Gasoline blowers are a source of pollution.

The two-stroke engines work by mixing gasoline and oil. This mixture is not completely burned and leads to the emission of an aerosol exhaust.

These pollutants have been seen to cause cancer, heart diseases, and asthma.

Blowers with Fewer Noise Levels and Higher Speeds

The heavier the blower, the noisier it is. This can be a source of noise pollution as well as an inconvenience for your neighbors.

It is usually preferable to use blowers with noise levels as less as 70 decibels. However, blowers with a speed of more than 150mph are a good speed to use.

What Should I Look for While Buying a Cordless Leaf Blower?

A man with a leaf blowerWhile looking for a cordless leaf blower several points must be kept in mind:

1) One must check the affordability of the product in mind. As the battery-operated leaf blowers tend to be pricey, one must look for an affordable operator.

2) Look for a low-maintenance battery. As these do not use oil, there is no fuel to refill and no oil to check.

3) Look for a battery with a good runtime. Check for the amount of time required to recharge the battery.

Batteries can drain quickly, one must look for a high-power operated battery. Instead, of waiting for the battery to recharge, keep a backup battery to resume your work.

4) Look for a brushless motor instead of motors using carbon brushes. These motors are inefficient as a lot of energy gets lost due to the friction of carbon brushes.

Brushless motors use magnets instead of carbon brushes. This reduces the amount of energy lost by the batteries due to friction.

5) A cordless blower is usually heavier as the battery is retained in the tool. The blower must be portable so that it can be used efficiently for covering wide areas.

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What Time of Year Do Leaf Blowers Go On Sale?

If you are looking for a high-quality yet affordable leaf blower, watch out for sales during Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays.

Comparing the prices in the seasonal time and off seasons gives you the idea of how much money can be saved. The start of the winters and spring season is the best to invest in a good leaf blower as most of the stock is on sale.

This helps you save a lot of money. With the fall season coming, you get to see roads, lawns, and sidewalks full of leaves.

This is the seasonal time for some high-quality leaf blowers to invade the market.  However, the prices may go up a notch usually due to a rise in demand for some of the best sellers.

In summers, scorching heat covers up most of your lawn. So, it is not a good time for buying these products. However, you may get a good deal from your nearby retailers as the products are in lesser demand.

Final Thoughts

For cleaning your lawns, sideways and pavements, leaf blowers are a good investment. They can be fuel or battery-operated.

Battery-operated blowers are a rage these days. They are low maintenance and are portable. A leaf blower with a noise level of 70 decibels and a speed of more than 150mph is suitable.

Battery-operated blowers also good because they produce no emissions or gases. Hence, they are environmentally friendly. Leaf blowers may be corded or cordless.

Cordless leaf blowers are preferred because they are handier. While looking for an investment to make, you might want to wait for sales. This way you can always get your hands on some of the bestselling products.

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