How Long do Pothos Live & How to Increase the Lifespan

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Pothos is a great plant for plant lovers and collectors.

If you have the pothos plant or are planning to get one, it is natural to wonder how long do pothos live? Well, in this article, we will discuss the lifespan of pothos and how you can expand it.

The good news is that pothos plants have a pretty long lifespan and can live and be beautiful for years. Pothos plants normally live between 2 to 10 years.

If they are well cared for, then they have an excellent lifespan and depending on the species can live up to 20 years.

An interesting fact is that they can even live in extremely hardy conditions.

There are several factors that can influence how long do pothos live. In this article, we will talk about every step that the plant goes through and teach you some tips that will help you to ensure your plant sticks around for a long period of time.

History of the Pothos

A pothos in a potPothos plants come from the islands of French Polynesia. The plant is native to tropical forests and is often the climber that goes up to the tree trunks or sprawls on the ground.

In the wild, the plant grows much larger than indoors. The trunk, leaves, foliage, and general body develops and each leaf can grow up to 20 inches long.

The pothos plant has caused some confusion in Botanics over time. It originally belongs to the pothos genus. However, before that, it had a pretty long move around.

As for in the 1960s, the plant was associated with Rhaphidophora Genus. Before the recognition of its own species, it also belonged to Epipremnum Pinnatum.

After many different opinions, the own species of pothos was created.

In 1880, Pothos Aureus was the genus that adopted the plant. Currently, the Epipremnum aureum is a botanical name for pothos. In this family, the different cultivars of pothos and different species are included.

Pothos belongs to the Monstera sub-family that also includes the famous houseplant- Monstera. Sometimes, the pothos is also mistaken for Philodendrons because of their climbing nature.

Pothos plant has a symbolic meaning in many cultures and it is believed that the plant brings financial prosperity and good luck to the family.

Additionally, it is believed that the plant can clean the house of the negative and stagnant energy. They have very vigorous growth and therefore, are associated with determination and eternal life.

Pothos Characteristics

Pothos has glossy leaves that have a waxy texture and resembles a heart shape. The foliage has a round shape and is pointed at the tips.

Foliage is typically grown from the vines and sometimes produces aerial roots. These roots help the stem to climb on any structures that are available nearby.

Different variations of pothos have different characteristics. for example golden pothos come with green leaves that have a yellowish-colored patch.

However, because of the different experiments that are done on the plant, they can be found in different characteristics.

The plant has the vines pointed up and it is used as support that also helps in the growing and production of dense clusters.

They are especially beautiful when placed in the hanging basket and tails down from it.

The plant feels perfectly fine in the tropical zones of 9 to 11. The best way for its happiness is to keep it in a container like a pot. If good conditions are provided, they will grow pretty fast and spread rapidly.

What are the Different Types of Pothos

Today, there are many different types and variations of the pothos plants that can be found all around the world.

Each of them comes with unique characteristics and colors. The most found species of pothos plant are Golden Pothos and Original Pothos.

Marble Queen Pothos is one of the most loved types of variegated plants. It comes in white and cream colors alongside the green. It comes with long vines that have cascading shapes.

Snow Queen  is one of the most beautiful pothos plants and has large patches and white variegations.

This particular one is somewhat similar to Marble Queen Pothos, however, Snow queen is pointier, vigorous, and fussier. Also, it has characteristical vivid white marks and a dramatic visual appearance

Neon Pothos is not variegated pothos and has vivid green leaves, almost like a luminous. Neon pothos makes a wonderful house plant because it can be pretty hardy.

Jade Pothos almost looks similar to a Philodendron. This one is more of the traditional version and has foliage that resembles a deep forest. It has relatively small leaves in comparison to others and can live in lower-light conditions.

N’Joy is a smaller version of the pothos plants, it has a larger and more patchy white variegation. Variegations are mainly distributed on the sides of the foliage.

Pearls & Jade is a mix of the patchy and spotted variegations. Therefore, the plant has both, beautiful white spots and patchy side white variegations. Overall, this type is also one of the most beautiful to use as decor.

How Long do Pothos Live?

A golden pothosIt is a little difficult to say straightaway how long do pothos live. This is depended on the many different factors and how the plant is cared for.

The approximate number of years of how long do pothos live can be applied to some plants only and not all.

It is known that the pothos plant can live for any length of time starting from 2 years and ending at 10 years. However, if the living condition are good and the plants have all the essential needs fulfilled for development, pothos can live up to 20 years depending on the species

After some time, the parts of the plant will eventually start to turn yellow and fall off. This is natural and comes with aging.

Even the white stems can be diminished after some time. However, normally, the plant will produce new leaves and stems which will extend the life span.

Eventually, something will trigger the plant, it can be either mistake in care, not appropriate growing conditions, or event disease and pest problems.

Here is a table that shows the life span and length of some of the most famous pothos species.

Pothos Types Life Span
Golden Pothos 7-10 years
Marble Queen 7-10 years
Snow Queen 7-10 years
Neon 5-10 years
Jade 5-10 years
N’ Joy 5-10 years
Pearl & Jade 10-12 years

How Long can a Pothos Cutting Live?

Pothos cuttings are taken mainly for propagation. After the cut of the mother plant’s stem, it mostly is put in the water.

Additionally, the needed nutrients have to be added such as liquid fertilizer to keep the baby plant happy.

After two to four weeks, the new roots will appear. Eventually, the pothos cutting can live in the water for many years. The only thing you need to do is to provide it with essential nutrients and care.

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How to Increase the Lifespan of a Pothos

If you want to extend the lifespan of your beloved pothos plant, you have to care for it well and provide all the necessary attributes that the plant requires.

Pothos can be a very forgiving plant, however, it does not mean that they will do well without care.

First and one of the most important tips to increase the lifespan of pothos is by putting them in the proper place. It is better to keep the plants indoors, especially in the summer when the sun is burning.

Pothos likes indirect bright light. Therefore, place them from a little distance from the east-facing window, so the plant can get enough light and will not be under the threat of burn.

Make sure to water the plant according to its needs. Overwatering is one of the major threats to our green friends and therefore, you will have to be careful with that.

Normally, the pothos likes to be watered every one to two weeks. When it is placed in the bright light, the required watering intensity is raised in comparison to when you have it in the shade.

Make sure to give them just enough and light liquid fertilizer, and not overfeed. Overfeeding can become a serious problem for the pothos plants.

Additionally, also make sure that you provide the correct type of soil so the roots can grow freely. Pothos enjoys store-bought potting mix the most.

It is recommended to use the humidifier if you want to make your plant happy. Pothos is native to tropical environments, and therefore, it will adore some humidity in the air.

Also, the perfect temperature for this plant is between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watch out for bacteria, fungus, bugs, and root rot. Make sure to check the plant thoroughly once in a while to avoid additional problems.

What is the Longest Living Pothos

A hanging pothosAlmost all pothos species have a life span of approximately 10 years. However, in the wild, where the perfect conditions for their growth are provided, some pothos plants have lived up to 15 years too.

Cebu Blue pothos can be recorded as one of the longest-living pothos. The life length of the representative of this particular species went up to 20 years in the wild environment.

Additionally, Pearls& Jade pothos are also one of the longest living species and the average plant lifespan goes up to 12 years.

Final Thoughts

Pothos is a gorgeous plant that can be used as a decoration of any home and office. Its low maintenance and hardiness are one of the many reasons why to have pothos as a houseplant.

It is hard to say right away how long do pothos live because this is depending on various factors and the environment. However, if the plant has been cared for well, pothos can live up to 10 years.

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