Ideas 4 Landscaping Review – Can It Liven Up Your Garden?

Ideas 4 landscaping

Landscaping is a beautiful way to preserve the environment while imparting a positive aesthetic to the surroundings.

It’s now commonplace to come across breathtaking landscapes in the form of backyard havens, rooftop gardens, natural parks, etc.

Not only are these landscapes essential in preventing pollution, but they also clean the air, aid in water management, cool the environment, and stop erosion.

Besides, they also play an integral role in sustaining the environment. Here’s another thing that landscaping does- it improves mental health.

Science shows that people positively benefit from being around plants, and even a single plant is enough to evoke feelings of calmness.

Unfortunately, landscaping prices are high. The average homeowner forks out anything from $50 to $100 per hour spent on landscaping.

These hourly costs quickly add up within days, and before you know it, you are out an average of $3,000 to $16,000.

But what if you could save money on the landscaping prices and still enjoy its benefits? Here’s how you can cut back on these initial costs without compromising on the quality of your scenery:

What is Ideas 4 Landscaping?

ideas 4 landscaping

Have you heard of the Ideas 4 landscaping program? It’s a program designed to provide you with many landscaping ideas coupled with their designs, pictures, and themes.

In total, you should work with 300 pages, all with ideas that can work for whatever backyard or garden you have at home.

Instead of taking on a general route and advising you on the surface, this book takes on an in-depth perspective.

So, on each page, you should find guides that have a step-by-step approach to help you hack the correct implementation.

But the best part about it? The book has more than 7,250 landscaping designs! So, whatever design you want, you can rest assured that you can get it in the program. Did we mention that it also features video and slide tutorials?

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Who Created Ideas 4 Landscaping?

Every great innovation comes with a compelling story, and the case is not different with the Ideas 4 landscaping program.

When Helen Whitfield first got into landscaping, she wanted to work with designers.

Like so many other people, this was the best option available at the time. Unfortunately, they frustrated her a lot.

If you have worked with landscape designers, you can already picture what she must have gone through- unmet deadlines, hiked prices, incorrect design implementations, etc.

So, she decided to try another method- poring through magazines to get great ideas. While the pictures and themes were great, magazines only glazed over the important stuff.

As you may have already guessed, she could not figure out how to implement the designs, which fueled her frustration.

What did she do- give up? Not even close. She had a passion for landscaping and was not about to let this opportunity go to waste.

So, she spent the next 18 years learning all she could about landscaping and discovering gaps that others had not.

Finally, she put it all in writing and launched the Ideas 4 landscaping course.

The goal? – To help many people like her who would instead prefer taking matters into their hands. Does this sound like something you would like?

What do you Learn in Ideas 4 Landscaping?

The whole book takes on a guided approach. So, it’s pretty much like having Helen sharing her landscaping secrets with you throughout the 300 pages.

She gets into how you can implement your dream landscape within a few steps. By catering to both simple upgrades and comprehensive designs, the book ensures that you can save time and money on your next project. The book caters to:

  • How you can save time and money by avoiding paying for landscaping prices: We earlier mentioned that a landscaping job could cost you anything from $3,000 to $16,000. How about you pocket this money and still get the dream landscape of your dreams?
  • A range of designs: Picture more than 7,250 landscaping designs in one book! That’s what you can expect in this course. So, if you are having trouble coming up with design ideas, this course can get you started.
  • Comprehensive instructions: You may have a design idea but cannot figure out where to start. This book will get you set up in no time.
  • Estimations: An easy way for a plan to fail is for you to get in without understanding the time and money it will cost. Does this sound like your next landscaping project? This book is a gem for estimations and will help you create your WBS and schedules to ensure successful project implementation.

If you can relate to any of the challenges above, you will enjoy the contents in this program.

Besides, once you understand what goes into landscaping, you will realize that it is more of a DIY job than you may think. You do have what it takes to beautify your surroundings!

What is Included in Ideas 4 Landscaping?

The database comes with landscaping pictures organized precisely to help you get what you want. You get to pore through:

Landscaping Upgrades

landscaping-secretsIf you do not want to break the bank to make your backyard look better, you do not have to.

There’s a whole section dedicated to simple upgrades that will have your backyard looking much better with a few touch-ups.

They are cheap, easy to implement, and will not look off. You can start here as you work your way to bigger landscaping designs. Of course, with any DIY work, the recommendation is always to start small.

Designing Guides

For everyone looking to implement a professional design in their home, this section will wow you. It not only features step-by-step guides but also comes with tips to help you get started.

Besides, the database is not fixed. Anytime Helen has a new idea that could simplify your work more, she works this into the course. So, you can stay abreast of all new ways to implement cheap and effective landscaping designs.

Real-Life Examples

Sometimes, having a pictorial guide might be what you need to get your creative juices flowing.

Helen more than understands this and has organized photos in 64 galleries. So, you can browse through this, find something that you like, and get working on it.

Moreover, all the designs are organized based on garden atmospheres. You choose what you want and bring it to life.

Varying Difficulty Levels

Have you ever enrolled in a course and could not seem to gain a footing in the class? It can easily happen, especially with online courses where the tutor is not there with you.

The Ideas 4 Landscaping program has been a success because it caters to all levels. It does not matter if you are a pro in landscaping or trying your hand at something new.

Either way, the guides feature a cascading difficulty level. You start with the simpler ones when you are at the newbie stage and work your way to the pro level.

All guides have tons of instructions and will not leave you hanging in the middle of the implementation.

Design Versatility

The Ideas 4 Landscaping guides are not just for the garden. Instead, they focus on the front yard, back yard, and any other place where you can successfully implement a landscape design.

Even if you are unsure what can work for your home, you can always borrow an idea from the book. Examples include decks, facades, hedges, fountains, driveways, and gazebos.

These are but a few of the designs you will come across.

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What is Included in the Complete Package of Ideas 4 Landscaping?

Once you pay for the Ideas 4 Landscaping course, which comes in a collection, you will immediately access the whole file, available in a PDF. It features:

  • The landscaping designs and instructions,
  • Complete designs for various spaces in your home,
  • Detailed guides on implementing the designs,
  • Additional tips on the designing guides,
  • Landscaping designs suited for all landscaping expertise levels,
  • Simple upgrades that are cheap and effective for beginner levels, and
  • Pictorial guides on the designs arranged in 64 galleries.

Moreover, once you have access to the file, you will also benefit from updates over the book’s lifetime. So, whenever a new idea crops up, you will be in the know, and that is a guarantee!

The course also comes with another bonus- some additional programs available immediately after your purchase!

What Bonuses are There?

Following a successful order of the Ideas 4 Landscaping program, you will immediately access four bonus programs. These include:

120 Premium Landscaping Videos

Ever wanted to know how the best landscapers implement such amazing designs in short times?

This bonus will help you hack all their ways by simply watching the videos and executing them in your home.

Here’s where the deal gets even better. You get it for free once you purchase the Ideas 4 Landscaping program. Talk about a steal! Oh, and you still get updates when new videos are added to the program!

Landscaping Secrets Revealed

Every industry has some well-concealed secrets that keep the professionals in business, charging more than they should for basic services.

Is that the case with landscaping? Why, yes! Think about it. Two designers may have the same idea, but the executions will be worlds apart. Why is that?

This bonus course will reveal why this happens and what factors you must consider before implementing a project.

Save on Energy Costs

As we go greener, there has been an emphasis on the need to cut back on energy costs. Are you looking for simple yet effective ways to save the environment? Look no further.

This guide comes equipped with many practical ideas to help you cut back on electricity and water usage.

We all know that landscaping can negatively impact your utility bills, and a chance to save on these costs is always welcome. How about it?

How to Grow Organic Vegetables


Organic foods are always costly, yet these are the best for our bodies. So, what if you could save on such costs by growing veggies right in your backyard? Think about it.

Landscaping preserves the soil and has a myriad of other benefits on your surroundings. Why not take advantage of this impact and grow veggies?

It might surprise you that organic vegetable cultivation is not as hard as you might think. This book will provide cultivation guides and help you choose the best organic foods for your garden.

Can you believe that you get all these guides as a bonus? On their own, they cost $326, but with the package, they are all yours at no additional cost!

What are the Pros of Ideas 4 Landscaping?

This book has received many positive reviews because it boasts:

  • Easy instructions: Not only is the language easy to grasp, but the instructions are not overly complex. Instead of throwing you smack in the middle of a project, the book eases you into the landscaping concept. You start by learning the foundation and building onto it with the landscaping ideas in the book.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Many people shun landscaping because of the high costs and make do with simple upgrades. But you no longer need to shy away from large projects. This book takes you through how you can easily accomplish beautiful landscapes while using less money.
  • Ideas: The book has more than 7,000 designs, but that’s not even the best part about it. As you pore through the pages, you will get inspired to develop your ideas, enabling you to lend a personal style to the design. You can also work with the pictorial designs and implement something straight from the book.

Oh! You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee!

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What are the Cons of Ideas 4 Landscaping?

It’s hard to find fault with this book. The only thing would be that if you do not have passion and time for a landscaping project, now might not be the time to get this book.

Reading the book and implementing the ideas takes time. But if you are up for the task, there’s nothing in your way!

How Much Does Ideas 4 Landscaping Cost?

For a limited time offer it only costs $37, normally the whole program costs $279.95. In it, you get access to more than 7,250 landscaping ideas, plans, and designs immediately after you finish the payment here.

Moreover, this access is lifetime and ensures that you get the monthly updates. If you would like to get the hard copy CDs delivered to your home, that’s also an option.

The deal gets even better. Suppose you get the program and feel it does not meet your needs; you can get a 100% money-back.

Can the news get even better? Sure! As said before for a limited time, this program will now be available to new members at a one-off price of only $37!

The fees are payable once, and you will not be subject to any recurring fees after that. So why not get in on this program?

How do I Purchase Ideas 4 Landscaping?

Are you ready to take your landscaping to the next level? Then you can head straight to the Ideas 4 Landscaping program site, where you can order your book now.

In only five minutes, you will have the top landscaping design ideas right at your fingertips. Revamping your home’s exterior has never been this easy.

What’s not to love about this simplicity? Besides, the course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee!

Our Final Verdict on Ideas 4 Landscaping

Ideas4landscaping2Is the Ideas 4 Landscaping program worth it? Sure thing! First, there’s the aspect of simplicity.

While tons of other books offer a great deal of information on landscaping, they tend to be either too simplistic or too in-depth.

Very few books go into the steps and cover them in a way that appeals to both newbies and experienced landscapers.

This course leaves no one behind and enables you to work from the top or start right at the bottom. Whatever your skills are, you will understand how to implement the ideas.

Secondly, we love that it has more than 7,000 landscaping ideas suited for every part of the home. Not everyone is doing their backyard or front yard.

Sometimes, people are working on gazebos, or hedges, or even lakes. But how many magazines can cover all these spaces? This book goes into detail on how you can either upgrade or completely revamp these outdoor areas.

Finally, there is the issue of cost-effectiveness. In just one book, you learn everything there is to landscaping.

You also get four bonus programs geared at energy conservation, organic vegetable growing, and landscaping secrets.

The best part? – you get all these resources at a fraction of the price people spend on pro landscaping services. Instead of spending thousands to tens of thousands on landscaping, how about cutting back on the zeros?

Landscaping no longer needs to be a mammoth task best left to the pros. You, too, can easily become a professional landscaper by learning how to work with what you have.

Whether you are a beginner in landscaping or do it for a living, with 7,000+ designs at your fingertips, your skills are only bound to get better. Happy Gardening!

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