Money Tree Light Requirements : Type, Amount & More

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Money tree – a long braided trunk with evergreen leaves, has few conditions for proper growth like most plants, the main of which being water and light.

The money tree is not a problematic plant when it comes to taking care of. One main factor of care is light in which the money tree light needs can be fulfilled by bright, indirect light or any other artificial or fluorescent light.

In the outdoor setting, the money tree grows up to 60 ft in sunlight with its other requirements being met, while in the indoor setting, the money tree grows up to 6 to 8 ft in a south-facing window

Money tree light requires daily bright to medium indirect light. More precisely, it needs more than 6 hours of bright to medium indirect light for reasonable development.

It’s natural habitat is beneath the canopy of other trees so it is best to try and replicate these conditions of partial shade. 

It is always difficult to set your plant in the perfect light in the beginning. But after our steps below, it will become a piece of cake for you to take care of your money tree.

For some more information on the Money Tree, it is also known as Guiana Chestnut, while Pachira Aquatica is the botanical name.

Due to its tree-like structure and the myth that it brings good luck & wealth, it is a comparatively more likable indoor plant.

Money plant can be placed near windows, balcony, sides of the car track, and in lighted living. Directions and positions will be discussed later in the article.

This article will answer all the questions related to the money tree light requirements and needs. Every section of the article is designed to solve your money tree light problem. So, let’s unwrap the packet of information!

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What Type of Light does my Money Tree Need?

A money plant on the article Money tree light requirementsA Money trees light cravings can be fulfilled effortlessly as it doesn’t require much light. It grows adequately in low light, but it glows in bright indirect light.

Bright indirect light is the favorable type of light your money tree requires. Likewise, other plants, money tree needs light to satisfy the food requirement as well as nutritional value.

What is bright Indirect light? Now that’s what should be your next question. Believe me, the light requirement of any plant is quite crucial. Let’s answer this query first.

Indirect light is defined as light falling on any object and cannot retain the sharp shadow of it. Didn’t get it? Trust me it is difficult to understand it on the first attempt. Let’s elaborate more with an example.

If you put the plant in the opposite direction of the south-facing window, the light that falls on the plant will be called bright direct light.

As it will be making the precise and sharp shadow of the plant on the floor that’s the indicator of bright direct light.

On the contrary, if you’ve put the plant in the opposite direction of the south-facing window and put a filtered traditional blind or something similar in between them, it will distort the shadow, then it will be called bright indirect light.

Now, what should be the distance between the window and the money tree? The best distance is a foot or two between the south-facing window and the money tree.

In such a distance, the plant will get enough light to thrive well. If your window is very big, then you can increase the distance as it requires.

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How Much Light Does a Money Tree Need?

As said before a money tree light requires daily bright indirect light. More precisely, it craves a good 6 to 8 hours of bright indirect light for reasonable development.

Exposure to the sun is very substantial for money tree growth. As it will help the plant to grow steadily with time. There is a fixed pattern or style which needs to be followed, such as,

  • Settle the money tree in bright indirect light. Direct light will discolor the leaves of the plant.


  • Must provide the 6 to 8 hours bright sun exposure every day to the money tree.


  • Do not move the position of the plant frequently as it will deform the plant growth. Doesn’t like change in environment The money tree takes time to settle in it’s environment.


  • You can alter the direction, rotate the plant 180 degrees every fourth or fifth day.

Such an amount of light will attain enough light for the great growth of the money tree.

In night hours, plants don’t need light exposure as much as it is needed in day hours because it takes enough energy in the daytime to survive well in night hours.

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Where Should you Place a Money Tree?

Due to money tree easy to take care of characteristics, it is very easy to select a place for them to grow adequately.

The best place to grow a money tree is in the opposite direction of the south-facing window.

Place the plant near the window, or windowsill, corner of the room where it is easy for the plant to get bright indirect light.

Keep the plant in a medium-size pot and provide it natural to medium temperature to thrive properly. This setting is preferable for the northern hemisphere.

In the case of the southern hemisphere, you can place money trees anywhere. Because sunlight will be coming inside to your home is bright indirect light.

In case of the absence of a natural source of light, then you can follow the lead of artificial light. You can set up the plant according to the interior décor of your home.

Money tree light need is easy to cover which makes the plant place it according to your home design.

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What Happens if your Money Tree gets Too Little Light?

A money treeA money tree grows generously in low or even in artificial lights but how to identify that the plant is getting too little light? Here are a few indicators which help you to acknowledge the amount of light for your money tree.

1) If the leaves new and old both are falling. When the Money tree gets too little light, firstly it influences the leaves. Leaves become loose with their stems and start falling.

2) If the stems are getting leggy, long and weak due to moving towards the source of the light.

This is the second and most alarming situation for the money tree. If you examine the stems of the plant are getting unusually long, it implies that the light requirements are not fulfilled. The system is relatively simple of legginess in the plant.

If the plant is settled far away from the source of the light, then the stems of the plant stretch their stems towards the light to attain their energy.

And in that process, it becomes leggy. You can deal with it by changing the position of the plant towards the light, the plant will recover automatically.

3) Instead of growing upwards, it starts showing its growth downward. Due to the deficiency of light or energy, the plant becomes fragile and it will become powerless for the plant to hold its stems properly.

These three indicators will help you recognize the that your money tree is not getting enough light. If you’re seeing such symptoms in your plant, then move the plant a little closer to the light.

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What Happens if your Money Tree gets Too Much Light?

Money tree prefers bright indirect light only in natural settings. Are you not convinced about the light setup and urged to know about the consequences of too much light for the money plant?

In the beginning, we all have reasonable doubts about the precise light for the plant. So, let’s see what will happen if your money plant is getting too much light.

  • First of all, the bright sunlight will turn your evergreen leaves into a yellowish complexion. It will leave white or yellow spots on the leaves.


  • Secondly, the leaves start looking old before time. It happens due to the leaves becoming sunburnt.

What to do after that? Money tree leaves become old and lose their natural green color, what should I do?

First of all, we cannot revive the color of the leaves. what’s done, cannot be undone. But we can redeem the other leaves by following a few steps, such as,

  • Put a curtain, blinds, or anything which saves the plant from the harsh light.


  • Change the placement of the money tree. Settle the plant somewhere a where it gets indirect sunlight.


  • Trim the leaves which become yellow or old. It is not necessary if you don’t want to. Those leaves will not affect other leaves.

By following those simple steps, you can save your money tree evergreen leaves.

Can Money Trees Grow in Artificial Light?

You can grow money trees using artificial lights. If the natural source of light is unavailable, then you can go for other possibilities, like artificial lights.

Thanks to technology, many artificial lights help the plant to grow adequately.

As we all know a money tree doesn’t expect bright direct light. And the quality, as well as quantity of indirect light, can be created with the assistance of artificial lights.

Some specific lights are available in markets such as grow lights which we can use for plant growth. Apart from that fluorescent bulb, LED, halogen lights, and many others can be used to satisfy the money tree light need.

Make sure when you’re going to shop for any artificial light for plant growth, you choose a heat saver or low heat bulb to save the plant from heat damage.

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How to Grow a Money Tree using Artificial Light?

It is very easy to grow money trees with the help of artificial lights. Artificial lights easily fulfil the money tree light need. Only you need to follow a few basic steps.

  • If you’re choosing fluorescent lights for money tree growth, then buy “cool white light”. It has enough wavelength to help the plant to grow steadily. Place the plant about a foot away from the light. And set the light in that direction that light falls on the plant from the upward direction. It is more helpful for plant growth.


  • LED is another friendly artificial light source for plants growth. There are different LED(s) are available. Rather than going for a general LED bulb, choose horticultural LED to grow bulbs for your money tree plant. Put the plant a foot away from the source of light and let it stay for 16 hours for proper development.

By using artificial lights, you need to check other essentials of plant needs on the daily basis, such as watering, soil pH, fertilizer, etc.

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Final Thoughts

A money treeThe money tree is an easy plant to take care of. This plant is a wonderful addition to your home décor or plant collection.

It grows 6 to 8 ft in height and brightens your home and requires less attention as compared to the other houseplants.

Money plant is not difficult to grow at all if given proper care and if you look after it needs properly. Even in low sunlight this plant can grow equally well.

However, on thing to make sure of is that while giving it its light requirements you also focus on other requirements of this plant like watering it on time and giving it a healthy soil to strive and thrive!

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