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A orange string of hearts on the article What Are String of Hearts Orange River

String of hearts orange river is an extremely good option for a houseplant. It requires very little care and has some amazing heart-shaped leaves.

It also has many common names and some unique scientific names as well.

Some of the scientific names include Ceropegia woodii and Ceropegia linearis woodii. It is a fast-growing plant that loves little to no attention!

String of hearts orange river has deep green leaves that have an elongated shape with a muted silvery lining.

This plant also loves to be in the same pot, and it is recommended that you should keep this plant in the same pot for a couple of years.

This plant looks beautiful if you decide to hang it in the corner of your house and will add elegance to any space you decide to plant it in!

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What Are String of Hearts Orange River?

String of hearts orange river is a new type of variety of the Strings of heart. It grows up to 2 to 4 meters long and looks great when it grows to a long height leaving a trail behind.

It is a semi succulent plant that thrives without you having to give it a lot of care and attention. You can water this plant when you feel the soil is a little dry. As soon as you water it you will see this plant plump again!

You should place this plant directly in indirect sunlight. As the sun sets the colour of this plant turns to a beautiful orange! They love bright sunlight and might lose its colour if not given enough of it.

How To Care for A String of Hearts Orange River?

String of hearts orange river is a beautiful plant that will add amazing scenery no matter where you place it.

This plant does not like too much care, but it does require some important care instructions which all owners of strings of heart orange river must follow.

Let us look at some of these below!

Light and Temperature

String of hearts orange like to stay in sunlight but it should not be direct sunlight. It is better to place your plant near a window which has the brightest sunlight.

During summers it’s a good idea to keep the plant around the temperature 80 to 85- and 60-degrees Fahrenheit during winters.

It is also a good idea to put a light curtain in front of your window if the plant is getting too much direct sunlight. This will ensure that the leaves of your plant do not burn.

If your plant is struggling due to light, trying using this to help regulate the lighting.


Strings of heart orange river likes to get dry in between the watering’s but they don’t want to sit for too long in dry soil.

You can see how succulent the leaves are to see whether you should water the plants or not. If the leaves of your plant are plump, then that means it’s getting enough water.

If they look dry and soft, then it means it’s time to water your plant. Also check if the soil is dry by touching it. If it’s dry, then it’s time to water your plant.

If you need help watering your plant, try using this automatic drip irrigation kit.


Strings of heart orange river like their soil to be well fertilized. It is essential to give them proper soil so that your plant can grow up to be healthy and happy!

Use 1-part indoor potting soil, 1 part perlite and add some charcoal in it to make the perfect soil for your plant. This plant requires a well-drained potting mix.


This plant does not require too much fertilizer. They can grow equally well in poor soil conditions and nutrients.

Using a well-balanced fertilizer is enough for this plant and you should fertilize it sparingly.

Try this easy to use fertilizer to give your plant that little boost.

The following article on why is my string of hearts leaves turning yellow may help you to care for your string of hearts.

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How To Propagate String of Hearts Orange River?

Since strings of heart orange river have a fast growth, it is essential to propagate this plant quite often. We will tell you some ways to propagate strings or heart orange river. Let’s look at them below!

Stem Cuttings in Water

Take a piece of stem from the root of your plant and place it in water. After the root system is developed you can either change the pot or let it remain in the same pot.

Stem Cuttings in the Mix

You can also use this method to propagate your plant. Take the cuttings and place them in the succulent mix.

You can also root stem cuttings in a mix for formulated propagation but that is not necessary.

However, whichever method you use, make sure it’s light so the roots can emerge easily.

Then put the cuttings in a place where there’s light but it should not be direct sunlight. Water it once a week and keep the soil moist. As the roots develop you can water it twice a week.


You can also propagate your plant in a tuber. Fill a 4-inch pot with ¾ of the way with succulent mix and the root cuttings cover it barely with more mix. Water it every week and keep it in bright sunlight.

String of Hearts Orange River VS String of Spades

String of spades is also known as ‘Heartless’. This plant loves partial shade, with moderate care.

It also does not require too much water and can survive in temperatures as low as 5 degrees. It can grow up to 10 cm maximum and 5 cm minimum.

Also, it can spread from 1 meter to 20 cm, and it takes 5 years to mature from the time it is planted. Its flowering season is in summer.

String of spades produces a distinctive green pattern which are shaped like a spade with purple flushings on the underside. Its flowers are lantern shaped and are pinkish purple in colour.

On the other hand, strings of heart orange river have been kept as a houseplant for a very long time.

It is an easy to grow plant which requires minimum care but makes an extremely good houseplant. You can also place them around the house if you have babies or pets since they are kids and pet friendly!

Tips On How to Take Care of Your String of Hearts Orange River

  • If you feel that your plant is dying, then one of the main reasons is due to over watering. It creates too much moisture in the soil leading to the dying of your plant.
  • They can also turn brown if there is too much shade or too much sunlight.
  • They can turn brown or shrivelled due to under watering and temperatures that the plant cannot bear.
  • If you want to revive your plant, it is a good idea to plant them in a well-draining succulent and cacti potting mix.

Final Thoughts

A orange string of hearts on the article What Are String of Hearts Orange RiverStrings of heart orange river is a one-of-a-kind plant that looks beautiful no matter where you place it. It can grow quickly and can also grow flowers which have a beautiful shape and colour.

It is easy to take care of and makes a great houseplant! There are however some points you should consider before you buy this plant.

Although it does not require too much care you need to give it the right care it deserves. Underwatering or overwatering might damage the leaves as well as too much bright or direct sunlight!

If you enjoyed this article, check out our article on how to save your overwatered string of hearts.

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