Why Is My Tahitian Bridal Veil Not Flowering? (A Full Guide)

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Tahitian bridal veil is a beautiful looking plant with delicate white flowers which gives a beautiful touch to the interiors and has lush green foliage.

It has gotten its unique name from the way this flower flows over a container giving it a look of a veil.

The green leaves with a touch of white makes will give any space a touch of calm and soothes the eyes.

It is best if places in baskets or containers and will also make a great gift to put a smile on anyone’s face just by looking at this gorgeous plant.

However, have you been in a fix lately? Why is your Tahitian bridal veil not flowering? Don’t worry we have got you covered! Read below to find out the causes of why your Tahitian bridal veil is not flowering.

Why Is My Tahitian Bridal Veil Plant Not Flowering?

A chamomile flowerTahitian bridal veil plants love sunlight so if you notice it is not flowering maybe you should first see if it’s getting enough sunlight or not.

Also, check the fertilizer you’re using. A fertilizer that has a high amount of nitrogen will encourage the growth of leaves and not flowers.

So try to use a fertilizer high in phosphorus to speed the growth of flowers of your bridal veil plant.

Overwatering a bridal veil plant also often leads to slow growth of flowers and often it might not flower at all.

So maybe try cutting back on watering the plant if you water it too much and check the topmost layer of your plant if it is dry then water your plant otherwise skip it for some days to encourage the growth of flowers.

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Why Is My Tahitian Bridal Veil Plant Dying?

You might have looked at your tahitian bridal veil plant and wondered no matter what you do, you are not able to revive this plant.

There can be many reasons as to why your bridal veil plant might be dying. This plant is also not an easy plant to grow.

If you see your tahitian bridal veil plant is dying you may need to look into the following conditions for your plant.

  • Is it getting enough sunlight?
  • It might be getting too much sunlight?
  • Are you overwatering or underwatering the plant?
  • The fertilizer you’re using might not be suitable for your bridal veil plant.

Why Is my Tahitian Bridal Veil Plant Turning Brown?

The reasons your tahitian bridal veil plant is turning down may be due to temperature, soil conditions, watering, repotting and fungi.


A Bridal Veil plant does not like too much sunlight however, they do like bright light.

They shouldn’t get too much sunlight for more than a couple of hours every day since too much sunlight can cause the leaves to turn brown.

If your plant is in an outdoor setting try to place it somewhere where there’s a bit of a shade and no direct sunlight reaches the plant.

If it is indoors try moving the plant to a brighter place for some hours before moving it back to a shaded place.

Soil Conditions

Bridal Veil plant does not require too acidic or alkaline soil.

It requires some basic soil to strive and thrive and if the plant doesn’t get proper pH levels it may cause the leaves to turn brown.

Ideally you should change the soil once a year to give the plants basic nutrients and softer dirt to encourage the growth of flowers and leaves by passing down to the roots.

Iron and nitrogen deficiency also causes the plant leaves to turn brown so try to use a homemade fertilizer frequently during summers and slow it down during winters.


Overwatering a bridal veil plant will cause the leaves to turn brown. It is always better to keep the soil wet but do not saturate the roots.

Make sure you have a pot with drainage holes to provide drainage for bridal veils roots.

Also, check the soil of your plant daily to not let it over dry as this can also cause the plant to turn brown.

Water the plant every other day to give it just the amount of moisture it requires to thrive.

If you need help watering your plant, try using this automatic drip irrigation kit.


Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with your plant and it might just need repotting to avoid the leaves turning brown.

Make sure you use a proper container for your plant otherwise stunted roots can cause the leaves to turn brown or wilt.

Just divide the plant by cutting them into smaller roots and change the pot or just take the entire plant and place it in a new pot.

If you are using a new pot make sure to wash it thoroughly to avoid any bacteria growth and if you use Clay pots make sure to soak it for a few hours before using it.


Sometimes the main cause of your bridal veil plant leaves turning brown is due to fungus, bacteria, or any other bugs.

These can pass onto your bridal veil plant through contaminated pots and cause the leaves of your plant to turn brown.

Small pests also often hide the plant when placed outdoors so make sure to wash the containers to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Final Thoughts 

Small white flowersThe bridal Veil plant is a beautiful plant that will add to the beauty of your home whether you place it indoors or outdoors.

Sometimes this plant can become a little difficult to handle but ideally, if you give it the proper care it deserves you will see your bridal veil plant striving and thriving in no time adding life to any place you keep the plant.

Giving it the right conditions will encourage the growth of this plant and will help the growth of its attractive flowers.

It does not require too much sunlight and neither does it need a lot of watering.

If you do not expose this plant to direct sunlight you will see this plant will grow in no time. If your plant is struggling due to light, trying using this to help regulate the lighting.

Overwatering or underwatering also causes this plant to die quickly so make sure to avoid giving it too much or too little water.

This plant will surely enhance the place where you place it and will give a soothing effect for the eyes! Happy gardening!

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