Hawaiian Pothos Vs Golden Pothos: Similarities & Differences

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Pothos are generally one of the easiest houseplants to grow! If you’re someone who is often away from their homes or forgets to water their plants, then you should grow pothos!

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This type of plant is native to the Solomon Islands. It has leaves shaped like a heart often variegated with white, pale green, or yellow stripes.

It makes a great indoor plant since it does not require much care from its owners.

There are many types of pothos and some of them are Hawaiian and golden pothos. In this article, we will learn all about Hawaiian and golden pothos and how different or similar they are to each other!

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Hawaiian Pothos VS Golden Pothos – Similarities

Let us take a look at some of the similarities between Hawaiian pothos vs golden pothos below:

  • A pothosThe Hawaiian pothos and Golden pothos both have the same shaped leaves.
  •  Both the Hawaiian pothos and golden pothos are shaped like a heart with pointed tips. Both plants need a lot of sunlight to develop and bloom properly.
  • They also need a lot of space to grow and develop a strong root system.
  • In size and shape, both of these plants are similar, and both are climbing vine-like plants.
  • The Hawaiian pothos and golden pothos both mostly grow upwards and do not grow in width.
  • Hawaiian pothos and golden pothos both need similar light conditions.
  • They do not require too much direct sunlight but rather shaded sunlight.
  • Both these plants need a lot of water and have similar watering requirements.
  • Water them often but do not let the plant sit in water for too long.
  • The two types of pothos love to stay in warm temperatures and can thrive between 65 to 85 Fahrenheit.
  • They also love staying in humid conditions.

Hawaiian Pothos VS Golden Pothos – Differences

Generally, Hawaiian pothos and golden pothos are quite different from each other.

The main difference between the golden pothos and the Hawaiian pothos is that Hawaiian Pothos’s leaves are grow a lot larger than the golden Pothos’s leaves.

Also the Golden pothos has a brighter colour while a Hawaiian pothos has a variegated pattern of dark green, yellow and white color.

Let us take a look at some of the differences between Hawaiian pothos and golden pothos.

  • Golden Pothos prefer low light while Hawaiian pothos prefer high or medium light.
  • Golden pothos usually has yellow vines while Hawaiian pothos develops green stem if given proper conditions to live in.
  • Golden pothos also has fenestrations while Hawaiian pothos don’t.
  • The color of golden pothos and Hawaiian pothos is the main difference between the two.
  • While Golden pothos has dark green, white or yellow streaks they are a brighter yellow.
  • Hawaiian pothos has a variegated colours with streaks.
  • The color of Hawaiian pothos remains the same in every season.
  • While Golden pothos color changes with the change of season.

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Are Hawaiian Pothos Rare?

Hawaiian pothos are no doubt everyone’s favourite plant! Although it is rare to find and is considered a rare pothos.

Hawaiian pothos can double in size when compared to other types of pothos and they are not easy to find!

Are Golden Pothos Rare?

A pothosGolden Pothos is a popular plant and although they are not difficult to find it has a high demand.

This plant is also extremely easy to care for and therefore because of that reason many people want to have this type of plant making it a little difficult to find.

Golden pothos is also extremely easy to propagate and if you let the vines grow you will have lots of golden pothoses from only one plant.

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How Big Do Hawaiian Pothos Get?

A Hawaiian pothos might be difficult to find but that still makes it a favorite plant for every household.

This houseplant can grow up to 0.3 to 1.2 meters that’s is around 1-4 feet and the space it takes is around 0.3-0.6 meters which are around 1-2 feet.

How Big Do Golden Pothos Get?

Golden pothos can grow up to 20 to 40 feet long and 3-6 feet wide when it has fully matured. This type of pothos will grow well in partial shade and prefers soil neutral to acidic.

What Type of Pothos Grows The Fastest?

There are many types of pothos. Let us take a look at some of the pothos and let’s find out which pothos grows the fastest!

  • Marble Queen: It has heavily variegated leaves with speckles of cream, dark green, and light green.
  • Snow Queen: This type of pothos is similar to marble queen but it has a more white color than green.
  • Neon: This plant is famous for its chartreuse color and does not have any variegation.
  • Pearls and Jade: This plant has dots of color instead of stripes of white and green and can climb high if given proper living conditions.
  • Silver Satin: This plant is very tolerant to all types of weather and has thick green-gray leaves with a touch of silver.

Well, there’s no one answer to which pothos grows the fastest because all of them have a fast growth but variegated pothos are slow growers when compared to the pothos that don’t have variegation on them.

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How Long Does Golden Pothos Take To Grow?

A golden pothos can grow about 12 inches per month in the growing season. This growth rate usually takes place in average conditions that we usually have in our homes.

If you want to grow a golden pothos with s cutting then it might take longer for it to grow and will reach its peak growth by the time it is 4 or 5 months old.

How Long Does Hawaiian Pothos Take To Grow?

A Hawaiian pothos can take a little bit longer as compared to Golden pothos.

If you put the cutting in the potting mixture keep the soil moist and out of direct sunlight you will see the roots developing in a month and after that, it will take two to three months for your plant to be ready!

Common Problems You Might Face With Your Pothos

A common problem you might face with your pothos are pests. The most common bugs are mites, mealy bugs and aphids.

There are also some less common pests known as scale and thrips. However it is important to know that you need to take special care of your pothos and if there’s a pest attack then your plant can die if not given proper care.

Therefore if you see any sign of pests then spray that part with water and if it returns then use neem oil or horticultural oil to get rid of them.

Another problem you can face with your pothos is of diseases. You might see some brown or yellow spots on the leaves if there’s a disease in your pothos.

Try to keep your pothos in a well ventilated area if you want the plant to get rid of any diseases.

Final Thoughts

A golden pothosHawaiian pothos vs Golden pothos are very similar to each other. In one glance you might not even notice a difference but they are still very different!

Although both these plants require the same care but still their needs are different and there’s no one way where you can keep both of the plants happy!

Both of these pothos are extremely easy to care for and make a great houseplant! So if you’re just starting gardening then this might be the plant you’re looking for!

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