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Jade plant also known as Crassula Ovata is neither an easy nor a difficult plant to take care of. With proper indications and pointers, you can easily plant it in your home.

Like other plants, the jade plant also has some specific requirements, and the light requirement is the most significant and on the top of the list.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to give proper light to your plant due to many reasons. In that case, you need to have full knowledge about light requirements regarding your plant.

The Jade plant has a scientific name of Crassula ovata.

Jade plants can specifically grow in temperatures between 65° – 75 Fahrenheit or 18° – 24° centigrade. A jade plant should receive at least 6 hours of bright light every day. A Jade plants does not grow well in low light and low temperatures.

In these situations, the jade plant will become unable to carry its branches and leaves and might become dull and weak.

Are you still confused? Need more detailed information for the jade plant? Don’t worry we will share all the light hacks for the growth of the jade plant in this article.

Crassula ovata is the botanical or scientific name for the jade plant. And it belongs to the succulent plant type which makes it a light lover.

With the right proportion of light, water, and soil, it grows 2 inches every year. And it reaches approximately the height of between 3 – 6 ft. Jade plants have oval-shaped leaves with tree-like structures.

Let’s take an example to understand the complexity of the light requirement of a jade plant. Jade plant light requirement or living requirement is just like humans.

As the seasons or temperature change around us, we also change our living standards, and we adapt our surrounding with some changes and precautions. Similarly, the jade plant changes its light requirements as the season changes.

Now, let’s discuss everything about the jade plants light requirements in detail.

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Why Does your Jade Plant need Sunlight?

A jade plantThe jade plant (Crassula ovata) needs sunlight to grow properly and to have sharp and shiny oval-shaped leaves. To maintain the tree shape of the plant, sunlight plays a vital role.

The Jade plant needs sunlight to help the plant to maintain its green color. As studies shows that sunlight helps a plant in the process of photosynthesis.

Chlorophyll takes in energy from the blue and red waves of sun and reflects green color in leaves however this is the long and complex process.

The second reason for the sunlight requirements for the jade plant is that the jade plant is native and belongs to South Africa. Which makes the sunlight primary food for the jade plant.

In short, the jade plant needs sunlight to grow healthy and to include beauty in your home and garden.

What Type of Light does your Jade Plant Need?

Sunlight or natural light is best for the ideal growth of the jade plant. 5 to 6 hours of sunlight will help the jade plant to take or absorb all its minerals from the sun and to grow ideally.

Apart from those, jade plants easily can grow in bright and artificial light but with the right proportion. We will discuss more about these details later in the article.

The young jade plant shows normal or average growth in bright or indirect light but for the perfect model of the mature jade plant, direct sunlight is crucial.

Jade plants can grow in various types of lights, such as;

  • Sunlight
  • Indirect light
  • Bright light
  • Artificial light

But there is a difference to grow and live. Jade plants will grow in indirect or low light. It will even absorb new stems and leaves in your plant.

But your plant will not be living in such light. In such low light, the jade plant neither has healthy stems and leaves nor the bright green color.

Can Jade Plants Survive in Low Light?

The Jade plant (Crassula ovata) does not thrive energetically in low light. The plant might show some growth but it is equal to zero.

Jade plants cannot live without sunlight or bright light. Light is the most crucial and fundamental for their development.

In the outdoor, jade plants thrive phenomenally and take enough energy from the sunlight to accumulate and develop their system.

In the indoors, it becomes problematic for jade plants due to low light. The promising spot to plant jade is near the window which the sun touches.

You can set the jade plant in your bedroom, kitchen, living or your office, but you have to keep it in mind not to leave it in low light for a long period of time.

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Can Jade Plants get Too Much Light?

A jade plant can get too much light. Jade plant loves light. The more the light, the more it will grow but it completely depends on how too much light you are asking about.

Jade plant as mentioned before belongs to South Africa which is itself a hot temperature country. And the jade plant is native to such an environment and light. So, yes jade plants get too much light.

On the contrary, if your perceived amount of light is higher than the South African temperature then the answer might be different.

Too much sun rays might damage the color of the plant. The adequate amount of light is perfect and ideal for the jade plant.

Jade plant (Crassula ovata) is an outdoor as well as an indoor plant. Even if it needs a lot of light for growth, it doesn’t mean that it is difficult to grow it inside your home.

A jade plantWith artificial lights or using other alternatives, you can grow the jade plant inside your home without any problem.

Light is of utmost essential for jade plant growth. Jade plants like to have 4 – 6 hours of light from the sunlight. The Jade plant consumes its diet which is light from sunlight directly outdoors easily.

In summer daytime outdoors a Jade plants ideal temperatures to get their required light ranges from 65 – 75 F (18 – 24 C.)

In summer night-time, the jade plant’s ideal temperatures to get their required light ranges from 50 – 55 F (10 -13 C.). If you have given higher temperatures, within reason, to the jade plant, it will show perfect growth without any hurdle.

In winters, it is difficult to get sunlight for the jade plant and the jade plant isn’t very much into winters at all. Jade is a summer lover.

In winters, make sure that you remove or change the place of your jade plant from the window to avoid it getting frozen and keep it in a warm area. In winters, jade plants need around 50 F (10 C) for proper growth.

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Can Jade Plants Grow Under LED Lights?

You can cultivate jade plants under LED lights or any other artificial lights. Jade plant demands light which imitates the radiation of sunlight.

Jade plant (Crassula ovata) light requirements are very gullible to comprehend. They just need light. Always keep in mind that you must regulate the light source for the jade plant at any cost.

Other ingredients or precautions are also substantial, but light should be on the top of your list.

Sunlight is a favorable way to thrive in the jade plant. But if it is not feasible then you can go for other alternatives as well. Just like LED or artificial lights.

For jade plant growth, 2000 lumens are required to fulfil the light regulations. It is 1/3 to the direct sunlight, but it will boost the jade plant to grow steadily and retain its shape and color.

Now, what about watts? It completely doesn’t matter how high watts of light you wield for jade growth. The high watts simply means that you will have to pay a bigger electricity bill.

The best way is to contemplate energy-efficient lights for jade plant growth. First of all, that light will be good enough for the growth of the plant. Secondly, it will save you from paying the high electricity bill.

Now, are you thinking about the time for LED or artificial light requirements for the jade plant? Simple, sunlight reflects its positive impact on the plant in 6 hours in a day, just double it for artificial or LED light.

That is 12-14 hours in a day for the proper growth of the jade plant.

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How to Grow the Jade Plant in Different Light Requirements?

In outdoor, sunlight is your only light for jade plant growth. You can fix your jade plant pot in the entrance, outside your living window, or on your balcony.

By placing in these locales, the plant will obtain its energy from sunlight and you will get a nice-looking plant in your home.

Now, how to take care of a jade plant outside? It’s very natural. Just place the plant in the sunlights direction, add neutral to acidic soil pH, and water (according to the need).

Let the plant grab 5 – 6 hours of light from the sunlight. If you are residence in a heated and warm country and the day(s) are longer as compared to the night (s) then you need to displace the position of the plant towards a little colder area (6 hours later).

Keep in mind to never leave the jade plant in a cold area for too long. Jade plants will starve in a cold area.

Now, how to take care of the jade plant indoors? First of all, if the source of light is still sunlight via your window, then hold it in that place all day it is more adequate for the plant.

But if you’re living in a winter or cold country, then replace the jade plant from the window. And keep it in a warm area.

Last but not least, if the plant is positioned under artificial lights or LED, then leave it there for more than 14 hours.

The light will not harm or damage the plant at any cost. The development of the plant will be natural and steady, and it will not weaken the plant.

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Final Thoughts 

A jade plantThe Jade plant (Crassula ovata) is just like the other plants. Take its food from light and grow healthily in it. The right amount of light in a particular temperature or environment is very essential for its growth.

The Jade plant shows growth everywhere. It doesn’t require any air or environment to grow. That’s why it is a favorite to many people. Moreover, the jade plant lives longer than other plants – approximately 50 – 70 years maybe more.

The Jade plant is an easy plant to take care of. It completely depends on you whether you want a big or small plant in your home. In case, you want the jade plant to be small then use a small pot for it.

The primary reason for the fall of the jade plant leaves is that it is not getting enough light or the right amount of it. You need to make sure that the jade plants light requirement is fulfilled properly.

The Jade plant is considered one of the best plants for indoor decor as well as positively affecting your mind and body. The Jade plant is prominent around the world due to two main motives.

First, the jade plant has a phenomenal impression and enhances colors in your home and garden. Secondly, it is correlated with good fortune and prosperity and many other similar things.

Moreover, the other names of jade plants are also lucky or money plants.

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