How To Fix a Leggy Jade Plant & Future Leggy Prevention Tips

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Jade plant is an easy houseplant any many people feel that growing this plant is very easy.

Although they make great houseplants but if you don’t give them the ideal conditions to grow in, they might become stretchy and leggy, and this article will show you exactly how you can fix a leggy jade plant!

A jade plant might become leggy and to fix this problem you will have to prune stretched stems and let new leaves grow. You can also pinch off the growing tip on stems.

If you want to further avoid this problem, make sure that you give this plant ample sunlight or if you don’t have access to too much sunlight due to where you live then you will need to use artificial light to encourage growth of this plant.

You will need to give special attention to the sunlight your plant is getting, and you will also have to take care of all the other requirements of this plant to make sure that it becomes healthy and happy and stays that way!

A leggy jade plant is basically a plant that has stretched out due to insufficient sunlight.

Since jade plants love sunlight placing them in an area where it gets a good amount of sunlight is crucial for the healthy growth of this plant!

So, if you’re looking for why your jade is leggy and how to fix a leggy jade plant then keep reading since we have done all the research for you to make sure that you have all the answers.

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Why Is My Jade Plant So Leggy?

A jade plantThe main reason your jade plant has become leggy is because it did not get enough sunlight.

The plants natural defense comes in action if they don’t get sunlight for some time, and they try to reach out to sunlight which is why it becomes stretchy.

Not getting adequate sunlight also forces the leaves of the plant to look elongated and causes the leaves to stretch more than usual.

This is the reason your plant will start to look unhealthy instead of a composed and a healthy plant. You might also see thinning of the plants stem and the color of your plant changing to a lighter shade of green.

The reason for the fading of the color is also due to lack of sunlight where the plant gets incomplete sunlight or sunlight that is not enough for the plant for a long period of time.

Since this plant is very much attracted to sunlight if it does not get good amount of sunlight it will start to reach out to the light causing the leaves to stretch as a defense mechanism in order to survive.

If your plant is growing under the shade of another plant or under a canopy you will see a difference in the way your plant stretches out towards sunlight.

Houseplants are usually more susceptible to becoming leggy since when the plant is indoors it might not get the amount of sunlight it requires and therefore might become leggy or start looking stretchy!

How To Fix a Leggy Jade Plant?

If you see that your jade plant is becoming leggy don’t worry because you can fix this problem.

Although it is a very slow process but if you keep doing all the things, we have mentioned below you will see that your jade plant becomes healthy and happy in no time!

Let’s take a look at all the steps you need to follow to make sure that you can fix a leggy jade plant!


Usually, the main reason your jade plant becomes leggy is due to the plant not getting enough sunlight. This is the main cause most of the times.

So, to make sure that your plant gets the sunlight that it needs so that it does not become leggy is to give it 4-6 hours of bright light each day.

Make sure that you carefully see the window where you will place your plant and see the hours of sunlight that comes through that window.

People usually overestimate the amount of sunlight the plant gets so to be completely sure first check the amount of sunlight that comes from the window and once you feel that the amount of sunlight coming through the window is adequate for your plant then place your plant in front of the window.

Move your plant closer to the window and try to keep it as close to the windowpane as possible.

Since keeping it even a little further from the window might cause a drastic difference in the way sunlight reaches your plant as this plant when matured enjoyed more direct sunlight.

I point to note is that if your jade plant is still your it does like bright indirect sunlight until full established.

Also try to keep your windows as clean as possible to make sure that light reached your plant directly.

Artificial Light

If you live in an area where there’s not much sunlight due to the weather, then the best thing to do is to give your plant artificial sunlight.

You might live in an apartment or a house where your plants don’t get enough sunlight, and this is where you might need to supplement with artificial light.

For jade plants artificial light might be necessary and that’s why use LED or fluorescent light since these are ideal artificial lights if you want your plant to grow in a healthy manner.

Artificial light will boost the growth of your jade plant and will stop it from becoming leggy.

A good option when using artificial lights is to use two light bulbs, one being a light cool white bulb and the other being a light bulb labelled for plant use only. These should provide the full spectrum of light for your jade plant.


If you want to fix your jade plant, make sure that you also look at the temperature where you have kept your jade plant. If you are growing your plant outdoors might lead to less sunlight reaching your plant.

This is because during winters due to the days becoming shorter less sunlight reaches the plant. This is also usually the reason why most plants go dormant during winter season since the exposure to sun is less.

It is also possible that your plant might be in a room where the temperature is colder however the amount of sunlight it receives is high.

This will cause the growth of the leaves to slow down and create shorter nodes in your plant.

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How To Prevent a Jade Plant from Becoming Leggy in the Future?

If you’re worried about jade plant becoming leggy in the future then these 4 tips should help keep your jade plant looking happy and healthy.


A jade plantThe most important part you need to consider when you worry about it becoming leggy is to understand the importance of sunlight for your plant.

This will ensure that your jade plant does not become leggy even in the future. If you give it adequate amount of sunlight during the day you won’t have to worry about your plant becoming leggy.

The plant needs a lot of sunlight during the day so that it does not become leggy. You will have to give your plant 4 to 6 hours of sunlight everyday if you want to prevent the plant from becoming leggy.

However, too much of direct sunlight can also burn the leaves of your plant so make sure that you place it in a way that it does not get too much direct sunlight.


Another important thing to consider when you’re looking for way to avoid your jade plant from becoming leggy is the temperature you keep your plant in.

This plant can thrive in normal indoor temperatures with temperatures ranging from 65 to 70-degree Fahrenheit.

If the temperature exceeds 90-degree Fahrenheit, the growth of your plant will stop however the plant can survive extreme cold conditions as well.

Cooler temperatures cause the jade plant to grow slowly but the growth will be more compact, and you will get a bushier plant!


For any plant to stay healthy and happy water is the most important requirement for them! This is the reason that you need to make sure that your plant gets a good water routine so that it does not miss out on any nutrients.

However, jade plants like to be watered but overwatering can lead to root rot at the base of the plant.

If you keep overwatering your plant consistently you will see that the roots of your plant will become thinner, and the foliage will also become yellow.

Always check the soil of your jade plant when you water it. Only water the plant when the soil of your plant is excessively dry, and this is important to note during winters when the plant is dormant.

Place your jade plant in a pot which has drainage holes so that the water does not stand in one place for too long.


Using a good quality fertilizer for your jade plant is another point to note if you don’t want your jade plant to become leggy in the future.

Giving them a dose of fertilizer here and there will ensure that your plant turns out to be healthy and happy and this will be essential during the growing season of the plant.

We have an article on how to make your own homemade fertilizer for your jade plant.

How To Prune a Leggy Jade Plant?

It is easy to prune a leggy jade plant especially if the size of the plant is still small.

Your goal should be to cut the longest and leggiest branches and pinch out the shorter ones. You might have to repeat this process every other week if your jade plant is leggy.

Many people are scared of pruning their plant, but it is the only way to get rid of your leggy jade plant. The best time to prune your jade plant is during spring or early summer months.

This is because the plant is in the active growing season and the leaves you will cut will quickly be overtaken by the new ones.

Let’s take a step-by-step process about how to prune a leggy jade plant.

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to find the longest and leggiest branch of your jade plant. Cut then longest branches to the same size as the other medium sized branches.
  • Step 2: Now remove all the droopy and curved stems. If the are stems that are long and droopy you will have to cut those first.
  • Step 3: Pinch the tips. Now you must snip out the baby leaves every few inches.
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Final Thoughts

A jade plantA jade plant makes a great and a beautiful houseplant and no matter where you keep it, this plant will only add beauty to its surroundings.

However, one common problem that its owners face with this plant is of jade plant being leggy. This problem is often caused by lack of sunlight and inadequate sunlight for your plant.

Although this problem might seem like a small one, but many jade plant owners will often worry about this problem.

But it is not difficult to get rid of a leggy jade plant and as soon as you see any signs of your plant becoming unhappy or its leaves changing color or shape you should know that it might start becoming leggy.

To get rid of this problem you will have to give your plant a good amount of sunlight and follow all the other instructions you need to for a healthy and happy plant.

While making sure that it gets adequate amount of sunlight you will also need to see that you water it regularly, however, make sure to not overwater your plant since jade plants does not like too much water.

Too much water will cause root rot in your plant, give it the right temperature for its surroundings, a good soil and also fertilize it often.

If you follow all these instructions carefully and properly you will see that your jade plant will be back to its happy self in no time!

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