What are the Light Requirements for a Spider Plant

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The spider plant is a popular plant in every household due to it being such an easy plant to take care of! It is not just an easy plant, but it also looks amazing wherever you place it whether indoor or outdoor!

It is extremely easy to grow and even if you place it on a tabletop or a mantle you can not go wrong! Another way to use this plant is to put it in a basket and then hang it somewhere around the house.

This will give your entire place a very lively look! Plus, due to this plant having many properties that acts as a humidifier hanging this plant around your house will ensure that this plant gives out just the right amount of oxygen and keep its environments healthy and clean!

Not just that this plant looks lovely with its arching leaves, it is also very famous for its air purifying qualities that make it a healthy addition to your home!

The spider plant has many different names across the world and in some places, it is even called the ‘airplane plant’! However, this shows that this plant is not popular in any one part of the world but is popular across the whole world.

So if you’re looking for more information about the spider plant and its light requirements then you have come to the right place! Let us take a look in detail at the light requirements of a spider plant!

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Why Is It Important That Your Spider Plant Gets The Right Light Required?

A spider plantIt is extremely essential and important for your spider plant to get the right light required since if given too much sunlight it can cause the leaves to burn and fall off.

While on the other hand if you give them too little light your plant will not strive and thrive like it should when it will get an adequate amount of sunlight!

Although your plant can flourish if it gets little light and will thrive in low light conditions, too much direct sunlight will cause the leaves to burn.

How Much Light Does Your Spider Plant Need?

If you have kept your spider plant outdoors then your spider plant will prefer to grow in light shade.

Although the plant can tolerate direct and bright sunlight this will affect the growth of your plant. If you have kept your plant indoors then keep it at a place where it gets sunlight but not directly.

You can keep it near a window that has a curtain or you can also keep it near a patio. This way your plant will get the ideal sunlight it requires to grow and stay happy!

A Spider plant need at least 6 plus hours of sun light per day however, they can survive in low light conditions as well.

Where Is The Best Place To Put Your Spider Plant?

Since a spider plant will not tolerate harsh and direct sunlight very well it is very important that you place your plant somewhere where it will not get too much direct sunlight.

If your plant is kept outdoors you can put it under a bigger tree to avoid it getting too much sunlight however if you have kept your plant indoor then the best thing would be to place your spider plant near a window with curtains or place it in a way that it does not get too much direct sunlight during the day.

Find a spot in your house with bright and indirect sunlight for your plant to be happy. Look around your house and look for a place that has light during the day without direct sun rays from outside.

Whether it is north, south, east or west positions your spider plant will stay happy even in lower light conditions if needed.

Another great place to put spider plants is to hang them in a basket. This will make sure that your plant gets enough sunlight by absorbing the light that is reflected on the wall.

Make sure to rotate it occasionally so the plant gets even sunlight on all sides.

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What Are The Signs Your Plant Is Getting Too Much Sunlight?

Spider plant flowers

If your spider plant is getting too much sunlight you will start to see some signs through its leaves. The leaves are often the first ones to get affected when your plant gets too much sunlight.

Too much direct sunlight will cause the leaves of your plant to turn brown and some spots might also appear.

Also, too much direct sunlight can also burn the leaves of your plant plus the leaves will droop or wilt unnaturally.

Another sign of too much sunlight is that the new foliage is abnormally thick and new leaves and the growth of the new leaves is turning yellow.

What Are The Signs Your Plant Is Getting Too Little Light?

Proper sunlight exposure is extremely important for your spider plant. Although they can often survive well in too much and too little sunlight, it is not ideal for the growth of your plant.

If your spider plant is getting too little sunlight the leaves of the plant will turn yellow and start to droop as well.

The variegated leaves will start losing their white stripes, the leaves of the plant will look faded or washed out. The plant might also start leaning in one direction if the plant receives too little sunlight.

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Can Spider Plant Grow Under LED Light?

Spider plants can thrive in any kind of light but avoiding direct sunlight is the key. The perky leaves of the spider plant are what make them look like a spider and thus it was given this name.

This plant can also survive equally well in LED light however, they will survive in LED lights but not necessarily thrive.

If you do plan to grow it in LED lights then make sure that you encourage photosynthesis in grow light. These lights will help maintain active growth in your plant so you can also propagate them to make new plants.

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Can Spider Plant Live In Low Light?

Yes, spider plants can survive in low light but you will see that your plant is not happy but is only surviving not thriving.

Although these plants don’t like too much light to stay healthy and happy and they can survive in low light for some time. But try to give them some form of bright but indirect sunlight if you want your plant to be healthy and happy!

Do Spider Plants Need Direct Sunlight?

No, spider plants do not need direct sunlight as this will cause your plant’s leaves to burn and fall off.

It is best to give your spider plant some form of indirect but bright sunlight in order to maintain its health and let them strive and thrive.

Since direct sunlight is eventually going to cause your plant to die since these plants cannot tolerate too much sunlight.

Too much sunlight will cause the lines on the leaves of your plant to fade. It will not only make your spider plant unhappy but it will also not look nice to look AT.

Discoloration of leaves is a common sign that your spider plant has received too much sunlight, along with, wilting, curling, or crisping of the leaves are also some signs that show that your spider plant does not need too much sunlight.

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Final Thoughts

A spider plantSpider plants are extremely easy to grow and these plants make them a great indoor plant.

Since they do not require too much sunlight nor are they an expensive plant to take care of this plant can be kept anywhere and still look beautiful!

Although this plant does not require too much from its owners it is still essential that you meet the water, light, and soil requirements for a spider plant.

Since this plant is easy to care for many times the owners neglect this plant causing the leaves to die prematurely.

Therefore it is very important for the owner of this plant to take good care of this plant so in return your plant will also look happy and healthy!

It is a fun and beginner-friendly plant so if you plant it in your house it will offer lots of benefits to the environment as well. So if you want to grow this plant go ahead and give it a try!

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