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It seems these days that everything is changing to make our lives easier. Gardening is no exception, with changes being made in every aspect. The garden hose industry is one example of where you can find new inventions.

One thing that has revolutionised the garden is the invention of the flexible garden hose.

Not only has this invention made watering the garden easier, now we can easily stretch out the hose to wash to car and reach flower beds further away from the faucet that in years gone by.

What is a Flexible Garden Hose?

Flexible garden hoses are designed to stretch up to about three times the original length when the water is flowing. When the water stops the hose returns to the regular size.

These hoses expand to become non-kinking, twisting, and tangling unlike our older versions of rubber hoses which always seemed to be tangled and kinked.

How do Flexible Garden Hoses Work?

  • A garden hoseWhen water pressure is on, the hose expands
  • When the pressure is off, the hose returns to the normal length
  • The hose will never tangle, kink or twist
  • When not in use, the hose will self-drain
  • The flexible hose weighs up to 5 times less than regular hoses
  • It takes up very little storage space

Flexible garden hoses have two layers, namely an inner layer which the water flows through, and an outer layer which is normally made from nylon.

The inner layer is constructed of latex. There is a shut off valve at the end which is not connected to the faucet.

When the water is turned on the pressure builds up in the inner section and it begins to expand until it reaches full length.

Once this has happened the shut off is turned off and the hose works the same as a regular garden hose, apart from the fact that it has just expanded to a greater length.

What to Look for in a Flexible Garden Hose

There are several things that you should look for when choosing a flexible garden hose, namely:


Ideally the inner material should be of latex and the outer material durable enough to withstand adverse weather conditions.


You should choose brass fittings where possible as they are the most durable and far better than plastic fittings which will be affected by cold and hot weather.


It is a good idea to buy a hose with fittings that suit the area you live in. Different countries have different sizes so be sure to check this out.


If you only need a hose to expand to 50’, then there is no reason to buy one which stretches to 100’. A hose that is too long simply takes more time and effort to pull around and keep neat.


Some expandable hoses come with a year warranty while others come with longer periods. Make sure you know how long the warranty on your hose is for.

What is the Strongest Flexible Garden Hose?

The following are the 5 of the strongest flexible garden hose to help your gardening chores to be easier and keep your garden happier.

1) Flexzilla HFZG550YW Garden Lead-In Hose

This hose is rated as extremely flexible and durable because it is built from a polymer blend which keeps it flexible in all weather.

The hose will not disintegrate even when the temperatures are down at -40 degrees F. It will also be great up to temperatures of 140 degrees F.

There are no kinks under pressure because the polymer is ‘memoryless.’ It will lay flat and coil easily every time you use it.

The outer cover is abrasion resistant with crush resistant fittings made from aircraft aluminium.

The polymer is lead-free, so the hose is safe to drink from if you need to/ The O-rings ensure a leak free connection.

Because the hose is so light, it can be carried around the garden easily to wherever you need to use it. The maximum pressure at 70 degrees F is 150 psi.

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2) Gardguard 50ft Expandable Garden Hose

This hose comes with a ten-function nozzle, more than most others which are only nine. Better choice for your watering.

The core is a high-density double layer of latex with an outer covering of 3300D polyester fabric which prevents breakage and leakage.

Temperature range for the hose is between 41 – 113 degrees F with water pressure of between 3 – 12 Bar.

The connectors are solidly made and measure ¾ “and the hose expands to 50’ with ease. The connectors are rust proof and will not leak or crack.

The hose comes with a small bag for when it is not in use. Simply drain the water, roll the hose up and place in the bag out of the way.

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3) TheFitLife Flexible and Expandable Garden Hose

This hose is incredibly lightweight at just 2.7 lbs. It measures 17@ at the start and expands to 50’ under 0.5Mpa water. It returns easily to the original measurement when watering stops.

There is a brass valve at the end which allows better control of the water flow. The hose is constructed of premium quality fabric with a triple layer latex inner and an out layer of interwoven elasticated fabric.

The fittings are standard US at ¾ “and the hose stands up to water pressure of 145 PSI/10 Bar.

The nozzle has eight spray patterns and is easy to change while watering. If you need to you can also connect the hose to other hoses for extra length, even up to 200 ‘.

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4) Bionic Steel 100 Foot Garden Hose

Made from durable commercial grade 30.4 stainless steel you will find that this hose does not rust and is also resistant to leaks. Neither will it puncture when it is dragged over rough surfaces.

The hose is lightweight and can easily be pulled around trees or other obstacles. It is also weather-proof so can withstand extreme conditions.

All the fittings are aluminium and crush resistant with the collar enforced to withstand crushing.

Because the hose is memoryless it will return to the original size as soon as the water pressure drops.

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5) Fevone 50ft Hybrid Polymer Garden Hose

This hose comes with standard ¾ “leakproof brass fittings which screw off and on smoothly every time.

The hose is constructed of heavy-duty polymer and does not kink or tangle. It has swivel grips which make handling the hose easy.

You will find that this hose can stand up to 500 Psi water pressure with no ill effects. It is durable and abrasion resistant.

Working temperatures are between -40 degrees F and 190 degrees F which makes the hose suitable for most conditions.

The outer covering of the hose is durable and will not become damaged by abrasion, UV or mold.

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Are Expandable Garden Hoses Durable?

Yes, these days you will find that expandable hoses are indeed very durable. They are light and they are kink resistant. This is good news for gardeners who cannot stand getting tangled up in the hose as they water.

Because the hoses shrink back to about 1/3 of the normal size, they can be stored away easily, they are far less bulky that regular hoses.

There is also no problem with storing a hose with water inside it because flexible hoses empty the water as they shrink back.

Final Thoughts: What is the Strongest Flexible Garden Hose?

A green garden hoseNo matter how much you enjoy gardening, lugging a heavy hose around with you can make you avoid this important part of taking care of your garden.

Having a hose which is not only lightweight but also flexible and expanding can solve this problem easily. With a flexible hose you will never have to haul it round the garden. Neither will it twist and tangle the way regular hoses do.

Another great benefit of an expandable hose is that it rolls up to 1/3 of the size of a regular hose – easy to carry, and even easier to store away when not in use.

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