How To Landscape With Potted Plants – Pros, Cons and More

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If you’re looking for ideas to make your garden look more vibrant, a great way is to add plants around your garden in pots.

This will also help to improve the aesthetics of your garden and it is also a temporary way to change the look of your garden by landscaping with potted plants. You can move these pots around wherever you like.

It does not matter where you’re growing your plants the most important thing is to take care of your potted plants are the most important thing since potted plants will need a little more attention as compared to those plants you plant directly in the ground.

Potted plants will also give you the freedom to bring them inside whenever the weather outside gets too cold or hot for your plants.

When choosing the plant for landscaping make sure you get plants that are suitable according to your surroundings to make sure that you can take care of them properly and adequately.

Lets Take a Look at Some Tips for Landscaping with Potted Plants.

Potted plants

1) If you see any damage in your pot make sure to treat it right away. Since potted plants needs proper drainage make sure that you have a pot with proper drainage holes.

If you are unable to find one with drainage holes you can also just drill some holes in your pots.

2) Calculate the amount of time your pot will need sunlight and then buy your pot. Once you buy a pot make sure to keep it in a place where you will see how much your plant will get sunlight before buying plants for your pot.

3) Since potted plants require more nutrients as compared to those plants planted in the ground it is essential to give your potted plant the right amount of fertilizer for your plant to strive and thrive!

4) It would be a good idea if you could make a list of what you need to buy before you visit the nursery. This will ensure that you don’t panic at the last moment and have everything ready in front of you.

5) When you choose the type of plant you will buy make sure that you also buy the right neighbours for it.

So try to buy a plant which has the same requirements so when you plant them together each will have the same water and sunlight requirements.

6) You should use more potted soil if you want your plant to be happy. Although some people might tell you otherwise but it is important to give your potted plant more potted soil so your plant will retain more water which in return will help your plant to stay happy!

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Landscaping With Potted Plants

Once you decide that you want to do landscaping with potted plants you need to make sure that you have all the knowledge about how to take care of your potted plants.

That’s why we have made a list of all the important points you should take care of when you plan to do landscaping with potted plants. Keep reading to know all about how to do landscaping with potted plants!

Choosing the Right Plant

When you plan on using potted plants for your garden make sure you visit your local nursery or take help from a professional to let you know which type of plant will be most suitable for your garden and according to your environment.

Choose a plant that is perfect for your surroundings and will also look nice in your garden.

Right Pot

After you decide which plant you want to use it would be a good idea to choose the right pot. You should keep each pot in mind and then decide which plant needs a big pot and which plant needs a small pot.

They should be big enough for the roots of your plant to fit comfortably with a little room for growth. Your pots should also have drainage holes so that your plants can strive and thrive!


The right type of soil is extremely essential for your plants. Choosing the right soil will help give your plant the much needed boost for growth.

Do some research and see which plants of yours require what type of soil as this is extremely important for the growth of your plants.

Arranging The Pots

When you are planning to do landscaping with potted plants the most important and fun part is when you have to arrange your pots.

Arrange your pots in a way that they look appealing to the eye and where your plants will get the right amount of sunlight for proper growth.

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Why Use Potted Plants For Landscape?

Large pots next to a benchPotted plants do not only look good in your garden but they are also very healthy for the surroundings.

By using potted plants you can add beauty and make any place look more aesthetic. Potted plants for landscaping will give you the perfect opportunity to grow plants without the use of heavy equipment and too much hassle.

So if you’re a beginner then it is a good idea to use potted plants for landscaping as it will help you take care of the plants without too much effort.

Lets look at why you should use potted plants for landscaping!

Helps in Breathing

Potted plants helps the oxygen to flow evenly throughout any space. Whether you decide to keep it indoor or outdoor it will release oxygen and clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide from it’s surroundings.

Prevents Illnesses

Potted plants will also help to keep you healthy and happy by helping to keep you safe from illnesses.

Potted plants will increase humidity in the air which has been linked to a reduction in the transmission of certain illnesses like flu.

Pros And Cons Of Using Potted Plants For Landscaping

Potted plants for landscaping can have many pros if done properly and if you don’t do it properly then it can have many cons as well.

So lets take a look at some pros and some cons of using potted plants for landscaping!


1) They are versatile and will allow you to grow them anywhere. You can plant it in your balcony, patio or courtyard where you get adequate sunlight.

2) They allow you to have lots of variety.

3) Growing plants in pots also give accessibility to those who might not be able to do it otherwise.

For example, elderly people or children or people with limited mobility can also enjoy gardening through potted plants. Or people with small gardens.

4) Since potted plants are small there is also a low chance of weeds growing in your potted plant.

5) You wont have to use heavy gardening equipment that will not only save your time but also save your back!

6) Potted plants will also give you the option to move the pot anywhere. You can move it to a more sunny area or move it to a shaded area if there’s a need to.

7) Potted plants also allow you to change the look and you can easily vary your color scheme.


1) Potted plants can dry out pretty quickly and hence need watering and feeding more frequently.

2 )Potted plants also use up a lot of the nutrients present in the soil and that’s why they need additional nutrients frequently.

3) Plants can outgrow a pot. If you have a fast growing plant then you might have to keep changing the pot of your plant since some plants grow very quickly, you will have to change the pot of your plant frequently.

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Can I Put Potted Plant On Grass?

Yes you can put potted plant on grass as this will not only give your pots a nice background but it will also provide them with the right environment it needs.

By putting your pots on grass you will give your plants a much needed boost of oxygen that will help with the growth of your plants.

However, be careful with the pots since some times it can harm the grass below it which might cause the grass to change its color.

So it would be a better idea if you would change the place of your pots from time to time to avoid any sort of damage to the grass.

Final Thoughts

Lots of garden potsLandscaping with potted plants is going to be a very good idea if you know exactly how to go about it.

From choosing the right container to choosing the right plant its requirements are all important aspects of landscaping with potted plants.

Landscaping with potted plants gives you the freedom to be able to use any design anywhere which match your own personal choices.

This also ensures that if after sometime you get bored of the set up you have done you can easily change it up and put your potted plants wherever you like.

Just an important thing to remember is to always place your plant in a position where it will get just the right amount of sunlight and give them the care they deserve if you want to make your garden to look more appealing!

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