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The Peace lily is a tropical species which firstly emerged in Columbia and Venezuela.

Its greenish foliage, satin white flowers, and easy-to-grow characteristics make it a great addition to your houseplant collection. Peace lily’s big size is another striking advantage of such a collection.

There are 47 varieties of Peace lily with all of them have oval-shaped lustrous green leaves.

Most of the varieties of Peace lily have white shiny flowers. But some varieties have neon green flowers, such as Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily. Moreover, Clevelandii another variety of Peace lily has flowers both in white and green.

The Peace lily’s size also depends on the variety of the plant. But generally, a Peace lily can get as big as 6 ft in an outdoor setting. On the contrary, it can reach up to 4 ft in an indoor setting.

The size of a Peace lily depends on many factors, but one could be due to the different variety Peace lily you have.

For instance, the Spathiphyllum Wallisii, only reaches up to 12-15 inches in height, less than one ft.

On the other hand, the Spathiphyllum Sensation or Peace lily Sensation easily grows up to 6 ft with proper care.

The plant has been given the scientific name “Spathiphyllum” due to its physical appearance. The Spath implies the meaning of “spoon” in Greek and Phyl means leave. The spoon-like structure leaves give the name “Spathiphyllum”.

Looking for more insight knowledge into how big can a peace lily get? Don’t worry. This article will cover all your queries. Now, let’s dig into the deep answers.

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How Big can a Peace Lily Get?

A peace lilyThe big Peace Lily ranges between 4 – 6 ft in height and 2 – 3 ft in width. This depends on the width of the pot as well.

The size of a peace lily can be studied under two dimensions; the variety of Peace Lily and its placement. The size of a Peace Lily is also affected by being indoors and outdoors but that is part of placement.

According to their sizes, Peace lilies have divided into three main categories; little, average, and gigantic Peace Lilies.

The little Peace Lilies can get as big as 10 – 12 inches, less than one ft in height. These include the Wallisii, Clevelandii, and Allison.

The average Peace Lily can get as big as to 2 – 3 ft in height. And in this category there is the Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily, Bongo and Spathiphyllum Blue Moon.

On the contrary, gigantic Peace Lilies can get as big as 6 ft in height. In this category includes the Sensation Peace Lily and Picasso Peace Lily.

The size of the leaves also reached up to 10 inches in width but this also depends on what variety of peace lily you have. Similarly, the flowers’ length is also up to 6 – 8 inches.

Moreover, the growth rate of Peace Lily is rated average to medium and it’s growth season is spring. A young Peace Lily will take up to 3 years to become mature.

The average life span of Peace Lily is three to five years but with great care, the life span can be increased.

For the best growth, add fertilizer every year in the growing season, and change the pot if you notice your peace lily becoming pot bound.

Indoor and outdoor atmospheres also influence the Peace Lily’s size. Likewise, other plants, Peace Lily also show slightly higher growth outdoors as compared to indoors.

In Indoor, Peace Lilies can attain up to 4 ft or 125 cm in height and 3 ft in width. The leaves of the Peace Lily will thrive up to 12 inches in length. It  great place can be set in the kitchen, living opposite to south-facing window, or in bedrooms.

Outdoors, Peace Lilies can achieve up to 6 ft or 182 cm in height and 4 ft in width. The plant should be placed under shade or in partial shade.

The Bright direct light will start to damage the leaves. Great place to for your Peace Lilies to be put are near to the front door, under window shade, or near the garage.

Peace Lilies like warm and cozy temperatures. In winters, try to find a little warm area for your Peace Lily. If you need help caring for a peace lily in the winter, we have created an article to help you.

How do Make a Peace lily Plant Grow Taller?

A peace lilyThe right amount of temperature, light, and water will help you to make your Peace lily grow taller. Peace lily’s big size gives you a good dimension compared to the other small houseplants.

Peace lilies needs bright, indirect filtered light in indoor settings to grow taller. In case of low light, the plant will start showing weakness in them.

Flowers and leaves will become loose and will bend downwards. In this case, move the plant a little closer to the source of light.

In an outdoor setting, place the under shade or partial shade for better growth. If leaves started showing pale and curled structured then it means that the light is too much. And it will affect the growth of the plant.

To make your Peace lily grow taller, choose a loose or well-drained soil mixture. Moreover, settle the plant in a pot that is helpful to take extra moisture, such as terracotta or clay pots.

It is favorable to repot the plant every year for better shape. And to make your Peace lily big, add fertilizer every spring or in late winters (the growing seasons).

Like other plants, the Peace lily also needs water to function properly. But do not make your Peace lily soggy. This is not an ideal situation for a Peace lily.

When you observe that the soil is dried out, then add water. A basic measure is a Peace lily needs watering once a week.

Misting the Peace lily is also a good idea as the plant belongs to the tropical rainforest. But do not mist it every day. Only when you see the leaves are a little dry.

By following these small indicators, you will see you peace lily growing big in no time.

If you’re enjoying this article, check out our article on why are your peace lily flowers turning brown.

Do Peace Lilies Like to Be Crowded?

Peace lilies like to be crowded. It is the nature of the Peace lily. It is always bushy and heavy. But if you observe overcrowded roots, then it is an alarming situation.

It means that plant has outgrown it’s area and has little space to thrive properly. In this case, change your pot into a bigger one. Once you change the pot, your peace lily should hopefully start to grow how it should.

But if your Peace lily is not crowded and bushy then it means your Peace lily is not getting enough light. Relocate your plant for better growth of Peace lily.

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What Can you do if your Peace Lily gets Too Big?

If your Peace lily gets too big, you can prune or trim the plant to a small size. Peace lilies look beautiful in its original shape.

Even many eco-friendly people like big Peace lilies. But some prefer small Peace lilies, according to their interior settings. In such a case, you can prune or trim the plant.

Now, how to prune or trim the upper part of the Peace lily? The procedure is very simple. Choose old, pale-yellow leaves to trim first.

It is better not to trim flowers, but if they are old and about to die then you can trim them. For this process, pick neat and shape gardening Pruners or scissors. It is best if you cut the specific part of the plant at 45 angles.

Secondly, you need to see the roots as well. Check the roots, if they are overgrown and dead, then you need to trim them as well. Separate the roots carefully; healthy and old ones. Trim the old roots. Repot the plant into a bigger pot.

If you want a small Peace lily then use two or three small pots and set the plant in them. By dividing your one big Peace lily into three parts, you will end up with three new Peace lilies plants. You can set it anywhere around your home.

Final Thoughts

A peace lilyA Peace Lily is a very undemanding houseplant that takes attention only twice or thrice a month. It gives you aesthetic look with little care.

A Peace lily can reaches up to 6 ft or as little as 12 inches so make sure you pick your variety wisely. It is an evergreen plant with beautiful white flowers.

In case you don’t like how big your peace lily has got, you can trim it at any time but pruning is a difficult task and needs little attention as well.

Do not repeat it biweekly or monthly. It is favorable to prune the plant when you observe old leaves.

Peace Lily is boundless accumulation in houseplants. It is very affluent to grow it in your home. It adds beautiful colors to your interior décor.

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