Should You Give Your Peace Lilies Coffee Grounds?

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Many plants like to be filled with coffee grounds and the Peace Lily is one of them. A Peace lily’s coffee grounds requirements are very low, but the benefits are high.

Peace lilies are very easy to grow at home and with a little coffee grounds, it becomes easier to care for them.

Coffee grounds can be good for peace lilies. The coffee grounds act as a fertilizer due to it’s high nitrogen contents along with it having high acidity of 4.85 – 5.10pH. Coffee grounds protect your peace lily from pests and pets.

Millions of studies have been done on coffee and still happening all around the world. Studies have shown many benefits of coffee usage.

Are you looking for the right proportion of Peace Lily coffee ground? Or are you wondering about the side effects or disadvantages of coffee grounds?

This is the complete guide to taking care of your Peace lily with coffee grounds. Let’s reveal the information to you!

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Should You Give Your Peace Lilies Coffee Grounds?

A peace lilyYou should give your Peace lily coffee grounds. Coffee grounds have nutrients in abundance, including Nitrogen.

If you have have a Peace Lily outdoors, then adding coffee grounds will stabilize the soil acidity, absorbs heavy metals to clean the soil, and protects the plant from other pests and insects.

On the other hand, in the indoor environment, it will deter your pets from your Peace Lily and it will correct the soil that helps in Peace Lily’s growth.

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How Often Should You Put Coffee Grounds on A Peace Lily?

It is not specified how often you need to put coffee grounds on your Peace Lily. But it is acceptable to give it once every three months.

But if you perceive that the soil isn’t strong enough to hold your Peace Lily, then you can put in coffee grounds every month.

In case, you are not sure about the necessity of your plant then you can start putting coffee grounds once in two months.

Moreover, coffee grounds are considered as Fertilizer. So, it is encouraging not to put coffee grounds in the winter season so that you don’t harm your plant.

Adding fertilizer in winter can result in fertilizer burn and can give rise to many other problems.

Furthermore, you cannot rely completely on coffee grounds for fertilizing your plant.

There is no doubt that coffee grounds are rich in nutrients, but still Peace Lily needs traditional fertilizer for proper growth and development.

What Is the Different Way of Preparing Your Coffee Grounds For Your Peace Lily?

There are two different ways to prepare your coffee grounds for your Peace Lily.

  1. Liquid Fertilizer
  2. Natural Compost

It is very easy to make a liquid fertilizer from your Peace Lily coffee grounds. In general, you have to use 1/4 of coffee (tea) in 3/4 of water to make the best fertilizer.

For example. Take used coffee grounds or old coffee grounds are best and mix them well with little warm water. Make two cups of it. Now, add these two cups to five gallons of water. Mix them well.

Keep in mind that coffee grounds should be fully dissolved in water. Because unsaturated coffee grounds can bundle up together and create a barrier to the water supply. This can damage the plants growth.

The second way is to prepare natural compost from coffee grounds. To make a rich material compost with coffee grounds for your Peace Lily is the best method.

Compost usually contains food leftovers or scraps, grass clippings, eggshells, herbs, old leaves, and bark. Blend these materials with 40% coffee grounds.

Keep in mind that this type of compost is favorable to outdoor Peace Lily and for a mature plant.

Moreover, add this compost twice a year or thrice, according to the need of your plant.

In the case of an indoor Peace Lily, lower the volume of coffee grounds up to 10 or 20 percent and utilize it for your plant.

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What Are the Benefits of Coffee Grounds For Your Peace Lilies?

There are many benefits of coffee ground for your Peace lily, such as.

  • Safeguard your Peace Lily from pests and insects
  • Deter pets from trying to eat your peace lily
  • Balance the acidity level of the soil

A peace lilyIt is crucial to saving your Peace Lily from all kinds of pests and insects. Coffee grounds are indeed a great natural way to safeguard your  plant from pests and insects. 

Coffee grounds hold caffeine and diterpenes in a large amount. Both of them are ideal bug repellers. Now, how to use coffee grounds to protect your Peace Lily?

If you have planted your plant outdoors, then take coffee grounds and circulate them around your Peace Lily. It will act as a protective physical boundary for snails and other crawling insects.

Apart from this, coffee grounds are known as pet repeller as well. Coffee grounds around your plant should easily head off your cats and dogs.

Studies have demonstrated that Peace Lily has calcium oxalate that causes oral infections, mouth irritations, and stomach problems if they are consumed by your cats or dogs.

But pets usually don’t like coffee grounds. So if you scatter coffee grounds around your plant even in small amounts, it should keep the pets away but be careful when doing this not to harm your pet.

It is beneficial to use coffee grounds as a fertilizer for your plant. Coffee grounds have nutrients in a large amount. Including, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and many others.

Moreover, there are many heavy metals found in soil that contaminate it. Coffee grounds can absorb these heavy metals and clean the soil for the plants.

Coffee grounds help the soil to stand out firmly. As the plant snatches all the strength from its soil in the form of nutrients. Poor soil will weaken the immunity of your plant which will restrain the growth of Peace Lily.

Mix or make the mulch of the organic matter with coffee and it will balance the acidity level of the soil.

Coffee helps to lower the pH of the soil, which ultimately increases the acidity level of the soil. A Peace Lily likes to thrive in acidity.

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What Are the Disadvantages of Coffee Grounds for Your Peace Lilies?

There are lots of benefits to using coffee grounds for your peace lily but we cannot overlook the other side of the coffee grounds.

There aren’t any extreme disadvantages of coffee grounds but sometimes coffee can hurt your houseplants.

Coffee grounds carry high acidity of around 4.85 – 5.10. As we have learned earlier, this will help to maintain the pH value of soil for Peace Lily. But there are two main disadvantages of coffee grounds for a Peace lily.

  • Stop the growth and development of the plant.
  • Cause fungal disease in your plant

To understand these two factors, let’s study them in detail. First of all, it sounds very easy to use Peace lily coffee grounds. But it can get tricky.

It is very important to control the number of coffee grounds. Coffee carries caffeine. If plants receive caffeine in large amounts, then it will affect the growth of the plant.

Sometimes, it stops the whole development of the plant. And you will observe no growth at all.

Secondly, coffee grounds increase the level of nitrogen in the soil as well as other nutrients. These nutrients will disturb the natural mechanism of silicon.

Silicon (Si) plays a vital and deep role. Silicon is present in the plants particularly in the cell wall. It constructs a protective wall, which stops the fungal invasion.

Now, when you add coffee in a high amount, it increases the nutrients level (Nitrogen N). This step decreases the level of silicon.

When silicon goes down, it increases the chances of fungal penetration. That’s how coffee causes fungal diseases in your plant.

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Final Thoughts

A peace lilyCoffee grounds enable the plant to progress in many different ways. But when you are dealing with coffee grounds for a  Peace Lily, you need to keep a few things in mind.

First of all, never use coffee grounds directly to the plant. It will stunt the growth and progress of Peace Lily.

Utilize them in the form of light fertilizer, compost, and mulching form. Coffee carries high caffeine and other ingredients which can be toxic to the plant if consumed in high volume.

Coffee grounds indeed help you to save your plants from pests and insects, if they are applied directly to the soil or around it. But it also has many shortcomings.

Moreover, coffee grounds cannot displace the significance of fertilizer, or potting mixture.

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