5 Beautiful Tall Plants For Your Balcony & How to Secure Them

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We all are aware of importance to keep our balconies covered for privacy and other reasons.

Some reasons to keep our patios covered with tall plants can be because you might want to beautify your apartment, make it look cozier, and give it a more homely feeling.

But when planting plants on your balconies, you should be sure which plants can survive on your patios.

Depending on your location, you should decide which plants to grow on your balconies which will survive and thrive and give it a more beautiful look.

Since some plants don’t need much sunlight if your balcony faces sunlight directly, you should avoid getting those plants.

Some need more water and light, so after carefully looking at your location, you should choose which tall plants to go for on your balcony.

Top 5 Tall Plant For Balcony

A balcony with a few plants onAny plant can strive and thrive if it is given the right conditions to grow.

If you want to grow tall plants on your balcony but don’t have too much space, you can go for containers to grow your plants in.

You can turn your patio into a piece of art if you increase your plants in containers and take proper care of them.

Here are some tall plants for a balcony that you can grow to make your living space beautiful and give it a pleasant outlook and make the atmosphere and the air of your house clean.


An agave is an excellent option for a tall plant.

It grows exceptionally well in hot and humid conditions, but even if you live in an area where the climate is low, you can always bring the plant inside during winter.

There are many varieties of this plant, and the height of the plant reaches several feet and is also prominent in width.

It will thrive in the wet soil and prefer a clay pot with an excellent drainage system.


There are two types of tall Amaranth which reach about 2 to 4 feet in height. This plant loves to stay moist but does not like to be drenched in water.

Hence you will need a pot which has adequate drainage holes which are just enough to keep this plant happy.

This plant loves exposure to the full sun, so make sure to place it in a place where it gets the sunlight it requires.


This evergreen plant is low maintenance and can live on your balcony for many years if given proper care.

It reaches the height of 7 to 15 feet tall and grows in the shape of a narrow pyramid.

If you plant it in a large pot with high-quality soil, it can live for a long time and give your balcony a beautiful look.

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If you plant this fantastic plant in your garden, it might become a nightmare for you since it gets out of control quickly.

If you plant bamboo in a container, it will give you the right height and width, just enough to give your balcony a perfect look!

They can grow up to 10 to 20 feet, but this is not their full potential. Some bamboos prefer to stay in a humid climate, while some don’t.

So ensure that you choose the correct type of bamboo for your balcony. It loves slightly acidic and slightly drained soil.

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Big Bluestem

Big bluestem is a type of grass and not a plant. Make sure to plant this grass without other plants since it might cover all the other plants.

It can reach up to 4 to 6 feet in a container. Big Bluestem is an easy plant to take care of and does not require much water to fertilizer.

It loves six to eight hours of sunlight, ensuring it gets the adequate amount of the sun it needs.

If you are enjoying this article, you may enjoy the best climbing plants for shallow soil.

Top 5 Privacy Plant For Apartment Balconies

If you’re in search of ideas to create some privacy for your apartment’s balcony, then keep reading to know which plants are best to plant in your patio to give your privacy while making your apartment beautiful!


Are you looking for a privacy plant for your apartment balcony? Then boxwood is the best choice!

When you go for this plant, make sure to plant them in slender containers to give them a height.

You can plant them in containers or pots. You can give this plant a bold statement by sculpting your boxwood!

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Lots of cactiYou won’t believe if I told you, you could use a cacti plant for privacy purpose right?

But give this plant a modern touch by making it a fence, and you will get the privacy you need! They grow in a hot climate, and it would be great if you live in that area too!

Since it grows up to 20 feet tall, what better option do you have to get some privacy than the good old cacti plant?

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This plant is ideal for privacy purposes because of its upright formation. It grows quickly during early spring and will give you the privacy you need!

Since it grows in height more than it grows in width, it will make an ideal plant for privacy purposes on your balcony’s front wall.

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If you have some time on your hands, then a privet plant might be the best option if you want some privacy. Although it takes years for this plant to grow, it is worth it!

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You will often see photinia plants being used as a privacy plant. Its lush green leaves make it a good choice for a private plant.

This plant catches the eye pretty quickly, so if you have space and the right amount of care needed for this plant, you should plant it on your balcony for privacy reasons.

Best Tall Plants for Windy Balconies

If you have a windy balcony and you’re looking for plants for tall plants for your windy balcony, then keep reading!

Tall plants are an excellent way to secure your balcony from strong winds; however, you need to give the plants strong and heavy containers so that they can take the strong winds on your patio.

Some ideal plants for windy balconies are boxwood, rosemary plants, and holly. These tall plants are good at diffusing strong winds.

However, they might block some sunlight because of their height, so make sure to plant some plants that don’t need too much light on them.

How to Secure Plants on a Balcony?

Well, we all will agree that plants look beautiful on our balconies.

However, certain factors make us a bit worried when it comes to the safety of our plants.

Let us look at some ideas to keep our plants safe and secure on our balconies and prevent them from getting ruined or falling over.

  • It would help if you filled your pots with extra soil to make them heavy to avoid them from falling over.
  • You can also tie the plants and pots to something sturdy.
  • Grow the plant in a heavy container.
  • Put your plants against a wall or in a corner.
  • You can also use a plant pot as a stabilizer.

We plant plants in our balconies to make them look beautiful and give them a nice look from outside.

When you live in an apartment, there can be many other factors to include if you want to plant anything in your balconies.

Strong winds can make your plants fall and might cause damage to your plants. It would be best if you followed the tips given above to avoid these problems!

Other Important Things To Consider When Planting Plants on A Balcony

Balconies are often used as spaces where you dump all of your used stuff or things that you don’t use often.

However, an excellent way to keep your balcony a nice place to make you enjoy your time will be by planting plants in them.

However, there are some tips to consider when growing plants on a balcony, and we have made a list of them:

  • Keep it low maintenance. Since your patio might be windy or there can be too much or too little sunlight, it is always the best to not put plants that take away too much of your time. So try to keep it low maintenance.
  • An excellent option for your balcony can be vertical gardening. You can hang plants on the walls, and this will give your patio a beautiful effect.
  • You can also use plants to hide the railings in your balcony if you want to keep your deck private.

Final Thoughts 

A boxwood plantIt doesn’t matter if your balcony is windy or too sunny. If you love plants, you can go to any extent to plant some beautiful plants in your house or apartment.

It is always a good idea to do a bit of study to ensure you have the right environment for your plant and study the area before you buy any plants.

By giving them proper care, you can achieve your dream of a beautiful space in no time!

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