What Flowers Only Bloom Once a Year & Once Every 100 Years

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Flowers bloom at different times of the year, and knowing which flowers bloom once or twice and what times is helpful if you want to consider choosing the plants that look right at the suitable event.

For example, if you want to add a more flowery look to your room or your house overall, you can plant flowers blooming once a year but set them apart some time so that there is always a flowering plant to adorn your space.

It seems to be a complicated process to comprehend at first, but you get used to it if you know correctly the time of blossoms. This way, you can make the most out of these gorgeous gifts of nature.

What are the Flowers that Blooms Once a Year?

Winter jasmineThere are many flowers that blooms once a year at specific times to show off their beautiful petals. You can easily buy a flower during its peak time from the local nursery.

Winter Jasmine and Winter Aconite bloom during the barren cold month of January, while Iris Danfordiae and Camellia are the blooms of choice for February.

Daphne, Forsythia and Scilla bless the month of March, while April brings daffodils and trillium with it. Tulips and lilacs make the month of May sought after by many flower lovers.

Roses and iris bless the hot month of June to soothe its hotness. Although the winter is fleeting, July brings with it lilies and sun roses.

Dalia and fuchsia bring colour to the humid month of august. Daisies and Crape Myrtle tree with its beautiful flowers adorn September.

Naked lilies bloom during the falling month of October, while African Violets grow indoors during November. Poinsettia grows indoors during the cold festive month of December.

This broad diversity in the blooming times of these flowers can help you assort your garden and indoors with beautiful fragrant flowers.

When it is time for one to demise, the other will take its place in full bloom. This makes the knowledge of which flowers blooms really handy.

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What are the Flowers that Bloom Once a Year at Night?

It is fascinating to know what kind of flowers bloom once a year and that also only at night.

The common referring to the large population of such flowers is night-blooming cereus which is actually cacti that bloom at night time.

This is why they are also called the princess of the night. Out of these, Selenicereus grandifloras, a cactus species originating from Mexico and Central America, is referred to as the queen of the night.

This is because it happens to bloom at night but only once a year. Its flower was once thought to be the largest flower of all the cacti, thus its name grandifloras.

The flowers are almost a foot in diameter, with the calyx of a yellow hue and the petals magnificently pure white.

The flowers bloom once a year after dawn and wilt away before sunrise. It emits a beautiful fragrance quite like that of vanilla.

The sweet smell and moonlight reflecting petals attract bats and other insects that help in pollination. Scientists coined the term nocturnal for plants that rest during the day and are active at night.

The plant can now be quickly grown at home. It is an epiphyte and grows tall in search of light. It requires a minimum temperature of 5 degrees Celsius and a lot of room.

Since it searches light, it should be placed near a window if grown indoors or otherwise in your garden where it can get both room and light to thrive.

The plant requires good water drainage and a lovely organic mix to grow. The plant is relatively problem-free, does not need too much watering and doesn’t face many pest problems.

Nevertheless, it would help if you took great care of this plant to witness its blooming flower.

Once the plant is old and mature enough to bloom, you can witness it blooming during the warm months once a year at night in May or June mostly.

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What Plant Blooms Once Every 100 Years?

A red roseAlthough not really a palm, the Madagascar palm tree, botanically known as Pachypodium lamerei, is a species of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae.

As evident from its name, it comes from the area of Madagascar off the east coast of Africa. It has a succulent stem and photosynthesizes mainly through its trunk.

It has large thorns and leaves at the top of the plant and white large fragrant flowers. Unfortunately, the flowers only bloom once every 100 years.

The plant grows best in warm climates and full sun. It does not tolerate cold and frost and it loses its leaves when exposed to frost. It can easily be grown as a houseplant.

Old plants may be seen to bloom once and retain the flowers throughout the summer. New plants take longer and perhaps 100 years to bloom.

What Flowers Bloom Once in a Lifetime?

Century Plant takes almost 10 to 20 years to bloom, not 100 years as the name indicates. It blooms once in its lifetime and dies. Its botanical name is Agave americana.

It has upward-facing yellow flowers that appear in clusters on horizontally growing branches near the top of a 10 to 25 feet tall stalk that emerges from a basal rosette of green leaves.

The flower is similar to a candelabrum. The plant is used for ornamental purposes and also gives nectar that is sometimes used as a sweetener.

The plant is native to Texas and Mexico. This plant does well in well-drained soil and plenty of sunlight exposure. The leaves are nearly a foot wide and have serrated teeth like margins.

They come in various shades of colour and variegation. The foliage is succulent, and water storage prevents dehydration of the plant.

This is why it is grown and sought for in places where drought is common. Unfortunately, the plant blooms once, and when it starts dying, there is not much you can do to stop it from dying.

What Flowers Blooms Once in 12 Years?

Strobilanthes kunthiana, commonly known as Kurinji or Neelakurinji, is found in the forests of Kerala, India. The flowers of this plant have a magnificent dark blue colour.

Specifically, these flowers grow on the Nilgiri mountains of Kerala, which literally means blue mountains because of the blue colour the mountains get on the blooming on Neelakurinji.

It is one of the rarest flowers of the world and blooms only once in 12 years. Plants like Strobilanthes kunthiana that bloom at long intervals are known as plietesials.

Final Thoughts

A daisyPlants grow flowers that add to the beauty of nature but not every plant blooms every other season. Instead, various flowers bloom at specific months of the year.

Some plants like the Madagascar palm tree take 100 years to show their pearly white blooms, while the century plant blooms only once before its demise.

The certain flowers that do bloom every year include daisies, lilies and roses.

It is helpful to know that great diversity exists within the timing of plant flowering and can be useful if you’re a plant enthusiast and looking to grow these plants to adorn your house as well!

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