Why are my Monstera Leaves Cracking & How to Stop Them

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Monstera plants are known for their split leaves which add a desirable aesthetic to your indoor space, but they are also fragile and susceptible to damage easily.

Caring for a monstera can sometimes be a challenge, and one common problem associated with this plant is cracking leaves.

The primary cause of your monstera leaves cracking is dry air or dry soil. Moisture is an important component of the growth and well-being of this plant, a deprivation of this component can cause issues like this.

As you read along, you will discover more reasons why your monstera leaves are cracking as well as solutions to his problems and safety steps on how to prevent it from happening.

Reasons Why your Monstera Leaves are Cracking.

Because of the fragile nature of this plant, it is liable to physical damage that can be caused by rough contact with the plant or by faulty care conditions.

Cracked leaves are one of this physical damage and it can be caused by one of the following factors.

Dry Air

A monsteraDry air refers to air that has low humidity and this type of air loses its ability to hold on to water. Also dry air is common during cold periods, so your monstera leaves are prone to cracking during winter.

This condition stresses your plant and pulls water from it causing it to dry up and become weak, this weakness then makes your leaves crack with a considerable amount of physical contact.

A monstera plant needs 40% to 60% humidity to grow well.

Dry Soil

The moisture from the soil is transported to the leaves using the action of capillarity to keep it moisturized, when your soil lacks the water needed for this process, your monstera leaves become dehydrated causing them to crack in the process.

One of the major contributors to dry soil is environmental changes. Sudden changes in temperature and humidity can greatly affect the condition of your soil which in turn affects your monstera leaves.

Over Watering

While your monstera plant needs to be hydrated at all times, it should not be flooded with water.

Over watering, this indoor plant can cause it to swell and then crack, misting your monstera to give it moisture at all times is a good idea.

Nutrient Deficiency

Fertilizers provide monstera with the essential nutrients, but when it lacks the micronutrients the cracking of the leaves is a good indication of this fault.

Some of these micronutrients include iron, magnesium, and boron.

Pest Attack

Why your monstera plant is being invaded by pests, they will most likely get to your leaves and cause some small scratches that will eventually expand to cracks. Detecting and getting rid of these pests will be helpful in this situation.

How to Stop your Monstera Leaves from Cracking

There are some simple solutions to stop your leaves from cracking. If your monstera leaves are not very damaged, these quick and easy methods may just be able to fix your plant.

Misting your Plant

The first step is to fix the obvious problem. With a drop in temperature especially during winter, the humidity is low and this can dehydrate your leaves, the best way to keep your monstera plant constantly moisturized is to mist it.

Misting can be done manually by using water in a spray bottle, the water should be filtered and should be sprayed evenly on the leaves.

More attention should be given to the new leaves as they are more vulnerable during this period.

If you are not up for misting your monstera manually, you can purchase a humidifier as it is known as one of the most efficient ways to maintain humidity and raise the level if the need arises.

Moisturize your Soil

A monsteraIt is important to provide moist air for your monstera leaves, but if your soil is dry the necessary nutrients and water will not be transported to the leaves.

These components are important for the healthy growth of your monstera plant, it is recommended that this plant be watered immediately after the top of the pot is dry.

If your monstera is left for too long to survive on dry soil yellow spots may be seen on the leaves and they may start to droop as well.

Supply your Plants with Micro-Nutrients

Micronutrients like iron, boron, zinc, and magnesium are essential to the growth of your monstera plant, and cracked leaves are just an indication that this plant is lacking in the aspect of micronutrients.

These micronutrients are important for nitrogen fixation, photosynthesis, and growth in the critical parts of the plant.

Micronutrients are best supplied to your soil by the addition of organic matter. This is a call to not rely only on the nutrients provided by fertilizers but to also include organic matter for the growth of your plant.

How to Prevent your Monstera Leaves from Cracking

You must not be a victim of cracked leaves to take action, instead, you should follow preventive measures that will help you ensure that this issue never occurs with your plant.

Below are some of the precautionary steps you can take toward preventing cracked leaves.

Good Soil Mix

A good soil mix should have a good drainage property, that way It does not retain more water than it needs to.

The ideal soil mix for your monstera plant should have a pH level that falls between 5 to 6.5, it should also contain organic matter that will supply the essential macro and micronutrients to your plant.

The Right Location

Environmental changes like changes in temperature or changes in humidity can affect the leaves of a monstera plant.

Changing the location of your plants before these changes can greatly affect your plant will help prevent cracking.

It will be great to have tools like a hygrometer that can help you keep track of the humidity, you can also put up a shade to regulate the intensity of light your plant receives.

Constant Care Routine

A constant care routine will require you to check on your plant more frequently for any sign of abnormality or the presence of pests.

This will help you detect any problem that arises early so that the necessary steps are taken toward fixing the problem.

Final Thoughts

A monsteraMonstera plants are unique yet tender and susceptible to damage easily. This article has covered all you need to know about your monstera leaves cracking and how you can fix this problem.

We have also explained the causes of your monstera leaves cracking as well as how to prevent this from happening.

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