Hawaiian Spider Plant (Care Tips, propagation & More)

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Hawaiian spider plant is a one-of-a-kind type of plant. It is a plant that is not found regularly but if you plant it in your garden or anywhere around the house it will most likely look beautiful!

Its long green leaves are what makes it stand out from other plants. A Hawaiian spider plant is different from the other species of spider plant and hence making it stand out from rest of it!

If you add this plant to your plant, it will surely make your surroundings look beautiful and will also keep the environment clean and green!

If you want to know more about Hawaiian spider plant, then keep reading to find out everything related to this plant!

What is a Hawaiian Spider Plant?

A spider plantA Hawaiian spider plant loves bright sunlight and can grow up to 24 inches tall! It also has a wide width and can spread up to 12-18 inches.

A Hawaiian plant is quite different from its other relatives. With a variegated pattern when this plant is a baby the color of its leaves is white, light green and cream but as it grows older it becomes dark green.

It also produces small but beautiful flowers. They can extend up to 30 inches however, most of its flowers fall off and only some remain to reproduce.

Make sure to give your Hawaiian spider plant full to partial shade and you can keep this plant indoor or outdoor.

You can also grow your Hawaiian spider plant in a pot. This plant also prefers to be under potted and comes from a grass family.

This plant has originated from tropical Africa and is not very easy to find. A Hawaiian spider plant is not a hard plant to take care of.

So, if you want to start gardening as a hobby or whether you’re a pro, Hawaiian spider plant to the rescue!

How Do You Take Care of a Hawaiian Spider Plant?

A Hawaiian spider plant will not require too much care and while it is an easy plant to grow if you don’t take proper care of it, it might not strive and thrive.

So, the best way to take care of a Hawaiian spider plant is to give it adequate amount of water, light, humidity and other ways that can help your Hawaiian spider plant to strive and thrive.

Let us take a look at some way of how to take care of a Hawaiian spider plant!


This plant does not require too much water, but you shouldn’t even underwater it. Too much water can lead to root rot, so it is better to water this plant occasionally but not too frequently!

If you need help watering your plant, try using this automatic drip irrigation kit.


You should not give your Hawaiian spider plant too much of direct sunlight. It should be kept in partial shade and some parts of the day you might want to keep this plant in direct sunlight.

Try to place this plant in a place where it can get some morning direct sun and then partial sunlight throughout the day.

If your plant is struggling due to light, trying using this to help regulate the lighting.


Well, a Hawaiian spider plant does like to stay humid. So, if you live in a cooler place where there’s less humidity then try misting your plant occasionally to keep it healthy and happy!


A Hawaiian spider plant loves a good, fertilized soil and if the regular soil is not keeping your plant happy then go for a fertilizer mixed with soil for a boost in the growth of your Hawaiian spider plant!

Try this easy to use fertilizer to give your plant that little boost.

Why Is My Hawaiian Spider Plant Dying?

A spider plantIs your Hawaiian spider plant dying? Well, lets look at some of the reasons why it might be dying.

A Hawaiian spider plant does not like too much water. It would be a good idea to check whether you are overwatering or underwatering your plant?

Also see if it’s getting the adequate amount of sunlight and not too much direct sunlight. Another reason to check why your plant is dying is to look for any pests and diseases.

Although Hawaiian spider plant does not get attacked by pests too frequently but when they do it can kill your plant quickly.

So, misting your plant frequently will actually help the pests to stay away from your Hawaiian spider plant!

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Do Hawaiian Spider Plant Have Babies?

Yes, Hawaiian spider plant can have babies. Sometimes a mother plant often bends forward to touch the ground while the roots of the plant plants themselves.

It is also good to know that a Hawaiian spider plants cannot sprout plant or flowers until the color of the plant turns to a dark green shade. Small, variegated plant will also grow along the stem of this plant!

How To Propagate Hawaiian Spider Plants?

If you want to know the proper way to propagate a Hawaiian spider plant, then keep reading to know how to do it the correct way.

There are two ways to propagate a Hawaiian spider plant in soil and in water. Let us take a look at how to propagate it in soil first!

  •         If you have a plantlet of a Hawaiian spider plant, then you are good to go but if you don’t take a scissor and cut a plantlet off your plant carefully.
  •         Once you have your plantlet take a pot of about 4 inches deep and put some soil on it.
  •         After putting soil keep your plantlet on top and then again add some soil at the top.
  •         Water your plant to make the soil wet.
  •         Also keep watering it frequently so your plantlet grows and also starts giving flowers.

How to Propagate Hawaiian Spider Plant in Water?

If you want to you can also propagate your Hawaiian spider plant in water. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it.

  •         Take a jar and fill it with water.
  •         Let the water sit for at least 24 hours before planting your plantlet in the water.
  •         Once 24 hours have passed carefully place the plantlet in the water.
  •         Keep checking the roots for any root rot and if there any make sure to wash it off with water without touching it.
  •         Once you see roots growing in your plant then move the plantlet to a pot with soil, cover the topmost part of it with soil and then mist it a little bit.

Spider Plant vs Hawaiian Spider Plant

Let’s take a look at some of the similarities and differences of a Hawaiian spider plant and a Spider plant!

Some similarities between these two plants are that both are a native of the African region and both of them strive with little water, without direct sunlight and love humidity!

Also, the growth of these two plants is also too fast and in no time you will see your plant giving babies and multiplying itself in no time!

Some differences of these two plants are the way they both look.

Although both of them have long leaves but a Hawaiian spider plant has dark green leaves as they grow older and when they’re young its leaves are creamy in color. Its babies are called plantlets.

On the other hand, a spider plant has long leaves as well but with a variegated pattern.

Its babies are called pups and the pups resemble the shape of a spider therefore it called a spider plant!

Also, this spider plant is known for its air purifying qualities and hence it’s a good idea to plant spider plants as much as you can due to its air purifying qualities.

We have an article on what is the best pot for a spider plant here.

How To Prune Your Hawaiian Spider Plant?

Do you want to know how to prune your Hawaiian spider plant? Then keep reading below to know how to do it!

Pruning a Hawaiian spider plant can be a bit of a job but if you do it properly it will not take long, and you will have a clean and tidy plant in no time!

Make sure you have sharp scissors when you start pruning your plant. Getting all the equipment’s ready before you start your job will have its own benefits and will also save you time.

Take a close look at your plant and see if there are any discolored, diseased or dead foliage around your plant’s roots.

Take out the plant carefully from the pot and check to roots for any root rot as well. Once you find all the problems start by using a sharp knife to cut any leaves which are dead or need to be removed from your plants base.

Final Thoughts

Spider plantsA Hawaiian spider plant is known for its unique color and long leaves.

Although this plant is not found easily once you get your hand on it you will see how it adds to the beauty of your house and surroundings.

A Hawaiian spider plant might not like normal tap water and if you see your plant is unhappy with tap water then try using filtered water on your plant and you will see your plant to start looking healthy and happy!

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